I learned to sew in high school in 1969. I made my first quilt in 2004 and it was LOVE at first stitch! Since then I have made over 200 quilts.

Have you ever made a One Block Wonder Quilt (OBW)? I have made 52 of these quilts and have been teaching the process since 2006. Check out my OBW Gallery and the free tutorials I offer.

I am proud to say that I am a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor. I am trained to teach you to use all the Fundamental and Rapid Fire Tools. If you have not yet discovered Deb Tucker and Studio 180 Design tools you do not know what you are missing. You will be amazed at how much your quilting skills can be improved by using these tools.
Teacher Certification

02 Rapid Fire 2
I’m also known for being the Quilt Ninja. In 2008 I won first place in the Virginia Consortium of Quilters (VCQ) Apron Contest and the Quilt Ninja was born. You will have to go to my Facebook page to find a video of the Quilt Ninja.

I am available to teach any Studio 180 Design Tool and One Block Wonder class. You can contact me at sewjackie@live.com. Quilting is my Passion. I Live in Virginia Beach, Virginia with my husband and my dachshund’s Sadie & Sophie.

Sadie & Sophie

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  1. Oh my gosh, your dachshunds are so cute. I just started quilting as a hobby and I am just finishing up the binding on my first one and I am about half way through my second. I set out to make a quilt for my kids, and now I am hooked. I really like the way both of them are turning out, and my kids are so delighted that I am making them. I think my next quilt is going to have some dachshunds in it!

  2. Jackie – CONGRATS upon your most successful completion of the Deb Tucker school for quilting ninja’s. Does this mean you will add more pockets to your ninja vest? When I read about the certification program from Deb Tucker’s site, I immediately thought of you – it was destiny that you would attend. So far, I have managed (aka used) just three of her rulers….looks like more classes with you are in my future to use the rest! Again, nicely done Jackie and as we say in the military “BZ” (bravo zulu).

    Cheers! Liz

  3. Jackie, I am one of those new people who discovered this page. I found you on Youtube first, checking out your OBW page! Holy smokes, you are amazing. I really like how you have “broken” some of the OBW rules to great effect! I admire the dickens out of you, and love the OBW tutorial. You are so down to earth! Hope I get to meet you one day! Sincerely, Mary

  4. Your quilts are STUNNING! Where do you find fabric with such large scale prints? Excellent tutorials, very, very inspiring!

    • Thank you so much. Once you make a OBW you never look at fabric the same way again. I am always on the lookout. For the most part I can even tell online when it is a large enough print. Alexander Henry has great OBW fabric. I find a lot on eQuilter.com, hancocks-Paducah.com, fabric.com

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