Hot Diggity Dog!

My quilting Bee decided that as our members birthdays came up, we would each make them a quilt block of their choice. Well my birthday was this week and I chose a dachshund applique’ block. I have two delightful dachshunds; Sophie & Sadie. My girls are as sweet as they can be. So far I 3 blocks in my litter, can’t wait to get the rest.

Hot Diggity Dog




5 thoughts on “Hot Diggity Dog!

  1. wirejetwife

    Love this pattern. I’ve been searching for a Doxie quilt pattern so now I’ve found it!! I love the three blocks from your quilting group & I bet that makes for a beautiful quilt with variety. The personalities of each member will shine through their work!!
    I too am a Doxie-mom of four doxies total, but three who are still with us. My first Doxie was black& white (looked like he wore a tuxedo & low white socks). He was Rocky & he was mine for the better part of 20 years. My grandma loved him as much as I did, so he stayed with her when I ran off to Fort Bragg to marry a USArmy Paratrooper!! Now I have two little red wire-hairs who are litter mates/brothers, Copper & Jasper who were born the day my Rocky had to be put down. My other baby is a female Chocolate & tan long hair we call her Kahlua. I think everyone needs to have a little Doxie fun in their lives!! In my opinion, no one with a heart can resist smiling about a Doxie!! Even if they aren’t dog lovers or Doxie lovers like us.



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