Grocery Bags With Style

I have been carrying my own grocery bags to the store for almost 10 years now. I like to help the environment and I find them strong so you can really fill them up. Also they are washable! I’m from Upstate NY. There is a store there called Hapanowicz Brothers, and they make some great food. So I figured, why have boring bags. In honor of the Big Party Kielbasa I made this bag.
001 Hapanowicz

002 Big Party

03 Hapanowicz 2

I just love The Piggly Wiggly. It makes me smile every time I say it!
04 Piggly Wiggly

05 Runs with Scissors

This is my Lunch Bag. I love Steampunk.
06 Steampunk Crow

This is the old textile mill behind my grandparents home in New York Mills, NY. I love that building.
07 Marys bag Front

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