I Killed Another Iron!

Irons, the bane of my existence, argh! Don’t get me wrong I love my irons. My best iron was a Rowenta I bought in 1990. It lasted 15 years. I thought well ok, I’ll buy another one and will last me another 15 years. No such luck. Since then my irons seem to last 2 years at the most. But, I really use my irons. I make and wear 100% cotton shirts for the last 10 years because I’m trying to be the oldest woman alive still having hot flashes.

Quilters are split on this topic. Some steam and some don’t. I am a dyed in the wool STEAMER when I piece my quilts, I believe in steam, steam is good. I have a Rowenta that holds about a gallon of water. I love it, but it has been repaired twice, and they told me when it goes next time I will have to put’em down. I have a cordless Maytag with a Titanium sole plate, nothing sticks to it, but it has an auto shut off and it takes too long to wake it up!

I have been buying , lets say inexpensive irons lately, but when my latest iron a Skark died this week (I hated this iron, it had a small fill hole and never got truly hot) I bought another Rowenta and I’m hoping for the best. It has 400 steam holes in the sole plate, I think I’m in heaven!

Iron Collection



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