The Real Housewives of Virginia Beach

The excitement is building. Three of my friends and myself are going to the North Carolina Quilt Symposium next week. We have signed up for fun classes. I myself am taking Augusta Coles “Curved Log Cabin, and Judith Baker Montano’s “Beaded Garden Pouch”. Well, the 4 of us are hardly shrinking violets. But just in case we were in danger of fading into the background we have chosen avatars for ourselves and I have embroidered them onto t-shirts. These Sew Ladies are from Loralie Designs. We have named our group of talented ladies “The Real Housewives of Virginia Beach”! I hope North Carolina is ready for us!

Real Housewives
Quilt Ninja Jackie “The Quilt Label Lady”

Queen Lisa, of Purple Goose Quilting Services, longarm quilter extraordinaire

Lynn, Queen of Border Magic, She can make a King Size quilt out of a napkin.

Pandamonion Ellen, quilter, jewelry maker & artist.

3 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Virginia Beach

  1. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh! YES – you guys are definately THE REAL HOUSEWIVES (with one make believe son added for fun!). Have fun and do something wild for me!!!



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