Do You Label Your Quilts

I wanted to take time and promote myself just a little bit. I made my first quilt in February 2004.

I feel very fortunate that labeling and photographing your quilts was being talked about a lot at that time. Because I photographed all my quilts, I know I have made 192 quilts so far. I don’t have 3/4‘s of those quilts, so my photo journals mean very much to me. I treasure them.

I was also fortunate to have an embroidery machine when I started quilting. I was able to label my quilts easily. At a minimum you should include on a quilt label:
Name of quilt (I usually name mine),
Who was the quilt made for,
Who made the quilt,
Where was the quilt made,
When was the quilt made.

Most people either print their quilt labels on printable fabric or hand write them with a permanent ink pen. There is nothing wrong with that. But, I want you to know you can have a custom machine embroidered label very reasonably.

I started embroidering quilt labels for people in 2011. You can purchase a basic quilt label for as little as $5 (plus shipping). I charge 50 cents for 1000 stitches. All the work is done on the computer so you know exactly what it will cost. I tell customers to have an idea of what they want to spend. It can be only text or you can trick it out as must as you want. It all starts with an email to me at or directly from my Etsy shop (there is a link on the right side of my blog home page). You pay for the label on Etsy via PayPal or credit card. I have shipped labels to California, Texas, Canada, and even Spain.

At the top my blog page I have tabs for pictures of labels I have made and Fonts that are available. So next time you need a label, give me a try. Machine embroidered labels will never fade with time.

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