Homework for Deb Tucker

Last month I posted my excitement for being chosen to attend Deb Tucker Teacher Certification Retreat. Last week I received the email that requests we have an example or project that shows our use of each ruler. THAT”S 9 RULERS! Holy Crap!
Fundamental Rulers:
1. Tucker Trimmer
2. Wing Clipper/Flying Geese units
3. Square/Squared units
4. V-Block units Galaxy
5. Corner Beam/Spotlight units
6. Split Rects

Deb Tucker Samples
This is the Galaxy pattern. I finished the top today. This pattern requires the V-Block and the Tucker Trimmer I. It only has 2 blocks. This pattern has 3 sizes. I chose the smallest at 42″ by 54″. I really like this pattern. I chose the fabrics from my stash. I have to start thinking about how they will photograph.

I have a lot of homework to get done.

This is Oak Ridge Stars. I made this last year. This is a terrific pattern. This pattern only requires the Tucker Trimmer I.

Rapid Fire Rulers:
1. Petite Star ruler,
2. Large Star ruler
3. Lemoyne Star ruler.

03 Jackies Constellation
This is a free pattern that comes with the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler. I have made 5 quilts with the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star. I love this ruler, NO “Y” seams!

I have not yet used the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star or the Petite Star Rulers yet. I ordered a couple of patterns from Studio 180 Designs. I will keep you informed of my progress.

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