Holiday Ramblings

I have had a lot of new visitors to my blog, and I just wanted to say WELCOME & Thank You for visiting!
Holiday Ramblings
I don’t know about you guys, but I have been completely overcome by events. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I cooked dinner for 12. I brine my turkey, and it was great! Right after Thanksgiving I went to spend a couple of days with my granddaughter Samantha.
02 Grammy and Sam
I already have many Studio 180 Design classes scheduled for 2014. I’m ending 2013 & beginning 2014 teaching a One Block Wonder class. In January I’ll be teaching the Hunter Star, SueNami pattern, the Square/Squared tool demo and Southern Hospitality pattern by Studio 180 Design. I’m working on new class samples. In the Spring I’ll be teaching Atlantic Flyway pattern by Studio 180 Design.
03 Atlantic Flyway
Fabric choices for Atlantic Flyway.
05 Twister
I’ll also be teaching the Twister pattern by Studio 180 Design. This is a great pattern to build your skills with the Tucker Trimmer. I want to use Lucky Penney fabric by Alison Glass as my focus fabric and choose solids pulled the Lucky Penney fabric. I think it will look cool.

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