Block Detective – Split Rects

Split Rects Block
I was wandering through the blocks on Quilter’s Cache and came across this block. So, I broke out the graph paper and began to draw.  I decided to  make a 12″ finished block.  That would require 4″ finished units.


I identified Quarter Square Triangles.  These units are made with your Tucker Trimmer.  I checked the chart  in the ruler  instructions.  To make a 4″ finished unit I cut two orange 5 1/2″ squares, one green 5 1/2″ square & one maroon 5 1/2″ square and followed the instructions.  From the four 5 1/2″ squares I was able to get 4 Quarter Square Triangles required for one block.

The center of each block requires 4 Half Square Triangles.  The center should be a 4″ finished unit.  Each Half Square Triangle should finish at 2″, the Tucker trimmer  instructions told me to cut my starter squares at 3″ and I follow the directions from there.

There are 4 Split Rects.  I went to the instructions on the Split Rects ruler, to make 4″ finished units I needed to cut a 5″ strip WOF in the green and orange fabric.  The Split Rects units are sewn to the 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles to make a 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ unit


Layout the block units.


Sew the units into rows, and then join the rows.

Below are 4 blocks sewn together.  I like the secondary designs that are created.


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