Overcome By Events

Have you ever been overcome by events?  It’s been two weeks since I last checked in with you guys.  I have been busy at work and have been unable to indulge in my passion of quilting.  This week-end I made a tote bag for my fellow Battgirl Neva.  She is a Wizard of Oz enthusiast as am I.  Neva wanted the Wicked Witch on one side.

Overcome by Events

And Dorothy on the other.


I was at a Sew-A-Thon Friday night and Saturday and managed to get my next hexagon quilt blocks sewn together.  This fabric is from the Georgia O’Keefe line by Alexander Henry.  This will be OBW number 54!


I also made a quilt label for my friend Paula.  She made a T-Shirt quilt that will raffled at the 2014 Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach.


Next Sunday I will be teaching the demo class for the Studio 180 Design Corner Beam & V Block tools.  We are getting ready for the Deb Tucker “Double Charmed” class coming up at Sew EZ in Virginia Beach.  Below is the 20″ block we will make to help us get comfortable the tools.  The supply list can be found with the Class Schedule.


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