I’m Stuck on You

Or, you will be if you use Dream Fusion Batting by Quilters Dream Batting.  I first tried Dream Fusion last year when I taught  Quilt as You Go Blue Christmas.  This lesson makes it possible to complete a lap size quilt in a weekend, for those times when you need a gift but don’t have time to get it to a longarmer.

The glue threads are needle punched right into the batting.  Once you have fused Dream Fusion batting to your fabric, it stays fused.  It is not like anything other fusible batting out there.  The quilt was so soft after I washed it, you would never imagine it was made with a fusible batting.

Dream Fusion is great for so many projects from quilts to placemats.  I also fused it to canvas and embroidered right through it on my 6 needle machine.  It did not gum up the needles at all!

It is so easy…. Simply place the fusible side (a little bit more texture and shine than top side) against the back side of your fabric (back side to back side)… set your iron based on your fabric… with Wool or cotton setting being the best for quicker fusing. Slowly iron the fabric (not the batting) from the center out – keeping heat and light pressure slowly moving in each area for a few seconds…. then allow to cool…. then quilt, sew, embroider or let your imagination run wild!

Dream Fusion is solvent-free its use is environmentally friendly.

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