How Do You Store Your Threads?

I was read reading a recent post in “The Inbox Jaunt”.  Lori was discussing and wondering how everyone stored their threads. I’m a quilter and I machine embroider custom quilt labels. Needless to say I have thread coming out of my ears. Before I moved I had built in drawers in my quilt studio, I couldn’t bring them with me so I bought a chest of drawers. 3 drawers are for quilting threads and 3 drawers are for embroidery thread. It works pretty well! How about you, how do you organize your threads?



11 thoughts on “How Do You Store Your Threads?

  1. amy

    I store my threads in a dresser drawers also and I have bought the clear plastic drawers. I too embroider and quilt so the thread is very plentiful. Always can get more though.

  2. judyleez

    i store my threads in a vintage 50’s buffet with glass sliding doors. The price was right and it has drawers on the bottom I can use for storage. I also store some thread on pegboard and cover it with clear plastic. I longarm quilt in a basement studio so sunlight is not a problem.

  3. CraftyStaci

    It’s funny you asked this right now, because I just finished cleaning up my thread rack the other day! I had nearly empty spools, outdated colors I know I’ll never use and thread that I bought in the 80’s that I wouldn’t trust to hold a project together. My husband built a wall rack for me a few years ago, and now ALL my sewing thread fits on it!

  4. Jane

    I’m thinking about the best way of doing this. Part of me wants dowel on the walls so I can see everything easily and just pull whatever I need down. Another part of me is worried about dust. So, still on the drawing board. Your idea is great. I’d thought it would be difficult to see the colors in drawers, but it’s not at all.

  5. Wanda Dotson

    I don’t have nearly the thread you do. I store mine in the single drawer of the desk I use to sew. They lay flat so that I can see the beautiful colors when I pull out the drawer.


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