Where Do I Keep All My Sewing Machines?

David asked where I keep my Vintage Sewing Machines (VSM)?  I just moved and had to give up two VSM, but I keep some of my sewing machines on what I call “the garage”, a shelf in my sewing studio.
They are scattered around as Knick Knacks so I can see them every day.
Below I’m working on two different projects requiring two different machines. Nothing beats the 1/4″ seam accuracy on my 1939 Featherweight!

The treadles are used as bedside tables and end tables throughout  the house.

6 thoughts on “Where Do I Keep All My Sewing Machines?

  1. Krissy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has a love for VSMs!!! I have two featherweights, a 301 Long bed, and two treadles. My husband thinks I have a problem (aka addiction)! Do your VSMs have names?

    1. ifthesethreadscouldtalk Post author

      Yes, I have a tendency to name them. I named my 1958 Singer 404 Maggie the Cat after the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I think it was nominated for an Oscar in 1958. There is a great group on Facebook called Vintage Sewing Machines.

  2. Carol Jordan

    Keep in mind if the electric power goes out you can use your treadle to sew. When I lived in England, my neighbor had a treadle sewing machine and she would tease me that I needed electricity to sew – power on base went out a lot!. Stay warm. Who knew you needed to rake the roof!

  3. Abigail Geddes

    Jackie! I love the picture with your machines as decor. That’s a great way to enjoy them.

    I’m glad that you at least have fairly clean roads!

    Thinking about you – Abby



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