Patchwork By Paula

Last week I was in Hampton, Virginia at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival working with Deb Tucker in the Studio 180 Design booth.  We were busier than a one armed paper hanger!  I felt so fortunate to see so many of my friends.  When I first arrived I had time to chat with my friend Paula Harr.

I met Paula about 5 years ago through the Tidewater Quilt Guild in Virginia Beach, VA.  I liked her immediately. She has a wicked sense of humor and a sparkle in her eyes that can light up a room.  Paula was raised by her grandmother and as a child played under the quilt frame as quilts were made by hand.  Paula has been quilting since the 1980’s. She owned a quilt shop in Fairmont, West Virginia called “Uncle Bertie’s”!  I asked questioningly “Uncle Bertie’s”????  Paula replied that for some unknown reason her children called their Great Grandmother “Uncle Bertie” and there you have it!

Paula was a Psychiatric Nurse for 47 years; I think that explains the twinkle in her eyes!  She retired on a Friday the 13th in 2014 just for luck!  Several Years ago Paula was approached by the Neptune Festival Committee in Virginia Beach, and asked if she would make them a T-shirt quilt to raffle as a fund raiser in exchange for a free booth at the fair, she said yes and a new business was born.  Below is the gorgeous quilt she made for the festival.

01 Neptune 2

The Neptune quilt was fabulous, and Paula enjoyed making it.  I say that because for anyone who has made a T-Shirt quilt and you ask if they will make another, usually the answer is a resounding “NO”!  But, Paula began answering “yes” to those who wanted a T-Shirt quilt made for them.  Paula only uses Quilters Dream Batting when making her quilts.  Her favorite is Dream Select for all its versatility.  Below are examples of Paula’s wonderful T-shirt quilts:

02 T-Shirt quilt

03 T-Shirt Quilt - Stacey

04 Corey's T Shirt Quilt

05 Wedding quilt

06 Memorial Quilt

Paula says “every quilt tells a story”, and she so enjoys meeting the people, hearing their story, creating a T-Shirt Quilt that captures their story and their most cherished memories.  She has made so many that she now has one hour quilt guild presentation on making T-shirt and Memory quilts.

If you would like to have a T-Shirt or Memory quilt made especially for you or if you would like Paula to visit your guild and share her informative presentation please contact her at:

Patchwork by Paula – FB page

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