Making a Flannel Scarf with Pockets

This is an easy and fast gift to make for that person who is always cold.  Using flannel makes it so soft around your neck and the pockets warm your hands.  There is some beautiful flannel available now at your local quilt shops.

Fabric Requirements:

1 yard each of the main fabric and the coordinating fabric.  (This will make 2 scarves)

Cutting Instructions:

The sample was made with 8.5” strips of non-directional fabric.  You may make them narrower or wider, but remember to adjust your fabric requirements.

Non-Directional Fabric – Cut 2 -8.5″ strips the Width of Fabric (WOF) on the straight of grain of both the main fabric and the coordinating fabric.  (Cutting the “Straight of Grain” is from the finished salvage edge to the finished salvage edge.)



Sewing Instructions:

All seams are ¼”.  A walking foot is recommended to keep the flannel from stretching.

Sew the main fabric together at one end. Press seam open.  Repeat with the coordinating fabric.



Place the main fabric & the coordination fabric Right Sides Together (RST) matching the center seams and pin.

From the center seam measure to end the length you need plus 8” and trim off the rest.  Repeat for the other side also.

The key to cutting the correct size for you is to take “your height in inches” – divide by 2, cutting 2 strips the width of your choice for each the main fabric and the coordinating fabric. 

Example:  I am 5’ 7” = 67” – divided by 2 = 33.5” plus the 8″ needed for the pocket. So once the strips are sewn together I need at least 41.5 inches from the center to the end on each side.


Begin sewing, working your way around leaving a 4 inch opening to turn it right side out.

Once sewn, turn the tube right side out and press.



Fold the end of the scarf up 8” creating a pocket and pin it in place.  Repeat for the other side.


Beginning at the opening, top stitch all the way around securing the pockets in place as you sew.

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