Judy Jackson This OBW (#72) Is For You

As most of you know, in January I was teaching and visiting family in Lake Havasu, Arizona. I had shipped 15 of my OBW’s there for a trunk show. When I shipped them back to NY, UPS lost them. The quilts were lost track of and didn’t make to the Chicago Area Consolidation Hub (CACH) in Illinois. I notified the UPS Store in Lake Havasu, they launched an investigation. My sister Mary started calling UPS. She was transferred from person to person and finally Judy Jackson (in a sort of Lost Found) answered the phone. Thank God! Judy began tracing my quilts and called us often with updates. Within days the quilts were located in UPS Corporate Offices in Georgia. The box had split apart and the label had come off. I sent photo’s of the quilts to Judy, plus my quilts are labeled with my name and State. I also had a list of the quilts in the box and my mailing address. My quilts were overnighted to me. Joy, Joy Joy! I have made 72 One Block Wonders, but I only have 19 myself. Most were given as gifts. My OBW’s were irreplaceable.

I’ve had this fabric by Timeless Treasures in my OBW stash for about 10 years. It is politically incorrect as there are no female delivery people. But I just could not resist making Judy a OBW using this fabric.

It made really cool Blocks.

As I played with the design I shared photo’s on Facebook. I was told it looked like a murmuration. I had to look it up – it is an organized formation when a flock of birds fly and change direction!

It is a very cool quilt to look at and identify where the blocks came from in the original fabric.

Pretty Cool!

This is the label on Judy’s quilt. Always find a way to label your quilts!

26 thoughts on “Judy Jackson This OBW (#72) Is For You

  1. Donna Hanley

    Oh Jackie, your minion pals were all “holding our breaths” until these quilts were found. So happy for you. This is a wonderful story showing the good in people. Love you.


  2. Jayne P

    I made my first OBW last year after being inspired by your quilts. It’s really interesting to see the pictures of how the final design evolved. I’m now on the lookout for more suitable fabric for my next one. So pleased your quilts were found!


  3. The Quilt Rambler

    Thrilled when I heard your quilts were found. Didn’t realize the beautiful OBW I was watching you construct was your gift to Judy – what an awesome person you are! I think both of you went above and beyond the call of duty (her in helping, you in gratitude) and I bet this quilt is cherish as the story is told and retold on both sides! Warms my heart to say “hey, I know that incredible lady” (smile)


  4. Mary Lynn Slough

    This is a wonderful thank you to a special lady who returned your treasures to you. The fabric selection is perfect! It was in your stash for ten years for a reason.


  5. StoriedQuilts

    This is so beautiful. I love lost and found stories but it must’ve been very hard for you before your quilts were found. I love every one of your OBW quilts. I hope to take a class from you sometime.



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