Reflection – OBW #79

I don’t know about your fabric stash, but sometimes mine has years to mellow. Some of you may know that I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Before chemo started I went to my One Block Wonder Stash to choose fabrics to cut. I thought even if I don’t feel well most of the time, surely if I have my equilateral triangles cut out I should be able to do some sewing.

English Countryside

In 2008 I purchased English Countryside by Sue Beevers in two color ways, green and purple.

I made this One Block Wonder for my dear friend Debi who was undergoing breast cancer treatment in 2009.

When I chose to work on the green English Countryside for me I forgot for a minute that the purple version was also in honor of those of battling breast cancer 11 years earlier.

Reflection OBW #79, 57″ x 63″

This is such a large print I tried to use a big enough piece to showcase the beauty of the fabric. It may not be pink, but this quilt is made in honor of all us Pink Warriors. Thank you Sue Beevers for making such beautiful fabric.

16 thoughts on “Reflection – OBW #79

  1. Tammy Hutchinson

    Such beautiful fabric used so well. I’m proud of you for accomplishing all you do during chemo. I had a tough time sewing last year during my chemo treatments. You were smart to precut and have a plan. I tried a new pattern which seemed simple but gave me fits. It was still comforting to fondle the fabric! Looking forward to healthy days ahead for both of us.



    Hi Jackie, Keep your strength up, Jackie. Munch on small bites of sliced turkey and cheese, yogurt, clear juices (apple, watermelon), soups instead of heavy larger meals. Stay hydrated the week before and first week of chemo treatments for bowels. I found I needed Miralax (week before) and miralax, colace and senecot (week of) because drugs bound me up bad enough to put me in ER. Also oncologist scheduled me for hydration IV 4-5 days after each chemo treatment. Get the sleep your body needs to regenerate your bone marrow and immune system, but try to walk 15 minutes 2 times each day even if exhausted to keep body working. Will you need radiation also?

    My hair fell out about week 4-6, but by 4 weeks after last treatment I had peach fuzz and 2 months later a short (curly) bob, and by 6 months needed a hair cut but had to wait 3 more months because of Covid. 💕 I also lost eyebrows and eyelashes but they have come back thinner.

    Virtual hugs. Marlene

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  3. Nancy pollack

    Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way. Having projects to work on, doing something you love, will bring you peace and comfort. My grandfather used to say he that cuts his own wood warms himself twice thereby. I believe that she who quilts warms herself and others thereby. Sending air hugs. Nancy.


  4. stitchinggrandma

    What a beautiful project to work on. So smart of you to come up with a plan to have something “ready to sew” for those days when you feel well enough to need the distraction. I love your green OBW hexi’s. They really pop. I hope as you go along the knowledge that others are rooting for your well being is with you in your heart. Blessings.


  5. Katherine

    the quilts are beautiful, It looks like you are staying positive which I know is important. I wish you the best and healthy



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