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It’s All Bonnie Hunter’s Fault

I started with two treadle sewing machines that double as bedside tables. My sister gave me a Singer hand crank machine. Several years ago my husband gave me a Featherweight. If you follow Bonnie Hunter’s blog then you have seen her coveted sewing machine collection. Ebay can be a dangerous thing if you LOVE sewing machines.

I keep saying “this is it, no more”, but I think I’m lying to myself. I have a 1941 Singer 221 Featherweight, a 1951 Singer 301a Slant Needle Longbed, a 1958 Singer 404 Slant Needle, and a 1969 Singer 237 Fashion Mate. I guess old Singer sewing machines make my stitches sing (chortle chortle). Not to mention two treadles, one hand crank, and then on to my love of Baby Locks…….