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Pillowcases With a French Seam

I know everyone out there probably already knows how to make a pillowcase with French seams but some people still ask me about how to do it, so here goes.

Fabric Requirements:
¾ yard main print (1 ¼ yard if print is directional)
1/8 yard trim fabric
1/3 yard cuff fabric

1. From the 1/8 yard of trim cut a 2 inch strip the width of the fabric
2. From the 1/3 yard cuff fabric cut a 9 inch strip the width of the fabric
3. Fold the trim in half lengthwise (wrong sides together) and press. Also press the cuff and main fabric open.
4. Lay the cuff fabric right side up on the table.

Pillowcases with French Seam
5. Lay the pressed trim fabric on top of the cuff, keeping raw edges even along the top long edge. Baste using a 1/8 “seam allowance along raw edge.

02 Square Up Main Fabric
6.Square up one side of the main fabric

03 main fabric om cuff
7. Lay the squared up edge of the main fabric right side down on top of the cuff fabric keeping the raw edges even as before, and pin in 4 places to hold for the next step.

04 roll up main fabric
8. Starting at the bottom, roll up the main fabric to where the pins are.

06 roll up 2
9. Because the width of the 3 fabrics are slightly different just line them up on one edge. It will be evened up later.
10. Bring the cuff fabric up over the rolled up main fabric. Align the raw edges removing the 4 pins from step 7 and re-pin the roll

08 pin roll_crop
11. You have created a tube consisting of one side of the cuff, the trim, the main fabric, and the other side of the cuff.

08 sew rolled up fabric
12. Sew along the pinned edge using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

10 pull to turn right side out
13. Unpin the tube and pull the main fabric out one side. All the seams are now hidden inside the tube.

11 sew down trim
14. Press well. At this point I like to sew down the trim so it lays flat after washing.

12 sqaure up to 20
15. Fold in half wrong sides together and square up to 20.5” wide & 30.5” long

13 sew wrong side together
Making a French Seam: With pillow case folded in half with wrong sides together. Starting at the cuff and using a very scant ¼ inch seam allowance sew down the long edge, pivot, sew across the bottom of the case.

14 sew right sides together
Turn the case inside out and press the seam. Using a 3/8 inch seam allowance start sewing at the cuff across the long side, pivot and sew across the bottom. This will encase the previous seam. Turn right side out and press.

16 All done