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I Just Can’t Help Myself

Do they have self help groups for sewing machine collectors? It started with the Davis Vertical Feed Treadle made in New York. Then the Davis New Victory Treadle made in Dayton Ohio. Then the 1924 Singer hand Crank, then the 1939 Singer 221 Featherweight, Then the 1969 Singer Fashion Mate. Then the 1958 Singer 404 slant needle. Then the 1953 Singer 301A made in Anderson, SC. Then the turquoise Free Westinghouse from the 50’s with Statue of Liberty decals on it. Then the 1953 Singer 15-91 in the cabinet, that I still haven’t refinished yet. Then also from the 50’s the pink and grey Idle Hour made in Japan. The newest addition is a 1961 Singer 503A. Which I obtained from Good Will. It runs great but the needle tension needs some adjustment. I have it on zero but it is still tight.

Singer Model 503A
She’s a beauty.

I have attachments and oodles of cams.


I haven’t even told you about the 4 Baby Lock sewing machines I have, not to mention the Nolting Mid-arm! Lord have mercy.