Teeny Tiny Hexagon Quilt

12 Inch OBW

I wanted to see what would happen if I cut my hexagon quilt strips 1 1/2″ wide. Well, I made a 12 inch hexagon quilt. The process stays the same, but by varying the size of the strips you vary the size of the block. If you have a very large print you can cut your strips wider making a larger block. Some of my students don’t want to make a full size quilt. So they can choose a fabric with a smaller print and cut their strips smaller, such as 2 1/2 inch strips makes a great wall hanging.

Its a dogs life 65x82

With the rest of the fabric I made this quilt. I cut the strips the standard 3 3/4 inches wide. This quilt measures 65″ x 82″. Below is the original fabric I started with.


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