Getting Hexed in Harrisonburg

I attended a “Meet the Artist” function at the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg, Virginia this past Saturday. It was great fun. The exhibit consisted of quilts made from hexagons, both old and new. The museum is in a wonderful old house in downtown Harrisonburg. There is a lot of great antique shops there. The exhibit even has a quilt made by former President Woodrow Wilson’s wife (it was started by the first wife and finished by the second wife). Getting Hexed will be on exhibit through August 24, 2013, so don’t miss it.

Getting Hexed in Harrisonburg
This is Neva Hart, Quilt Appraiser and Mary Kerr, quilter, teacher and author.

Mary Kerr, curator of the exhibit Vintage Revisited and many of the artists were here autographing copies of the exhibit’s book.

03 I dropped my Basket
My attempt at taking a vintage block and re-imagining it. It was a basket block that I gave a twisting falling down appearance, and then machine embroidered around the border the saying “I dropped my basket yesterday! That’s a polite southern term for, I went bat shit crazy for no, apparent nor discernible reason.”

04 Jackie and Meegan Carr Directer
This is Meegan Carr, Executive Director of the Virginia Quilt Museum.

04 Star Struck by Cheryl See
Award-winning quilt artist Cheryl See was on hand discussing her quilt, Star Struck, that won Best Hand Workmanship at the 2012 AQS Paducah Quilt Show. This quilt is a stunner, you must see it up close. It took Cheryl over 2 years to make this quilt.

05 Jackie and Wilma Gerald Board Members
Jackie and Wilma Gerald and board member.

06 Jackie explaing OBW
Here I am giving a demo on how to make a Hexagon Quilt.

I gave donated this quilt to the Virginia Quilt Museum. They will be raffling or auctioning it later this year.

6 thoughts on “Getting Hexed in Harrisonburg

  1. Faye Hannah

    Looks like yall had a great time! And yes you DO look great!! AND so do your quilts! I can’t believe you donated that beautiful quilt to the museum, Im sure they are very appreciative and I know it will bring a lot of money to the museum. You are awesome!


  2. Naia

    I love the southern saying! I may have to try and recreate that, at some point. I love your work and it looks like great fun. I wish I lived back east to attend and see the beauties!



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