Drum Roll Please…….

I am a newly minted Studio 180 Design Certified Teacher. I got home Yesterday from spending a week in beautiful Williamsport, PA. I and 23 other extraordinary women and one exceptional man received teacher certification. Deb Tucker worked our butts off.
Teacher Certification
I am now trained to teach classes for Studio 180 Design tools: Tucker trimmer, Wing Clipper, Square/Squared, Corner Beam, Split Rects and the newest Diamond Rects.
02 Rapid Fire 2
lets not forget the Rapid Fire Tools: Hunter Star and Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star. I cant wait to share what you can make with these tools!
03 Application Overkill
Because I am such a panic, I also got an award for “Application Overkill”. We were asked to provide 2 written references. I asked many people just in case no one answered the call. I ended up with 7 references. Oh well!
Here I am with Deb Tucker and Virtual Deb aka Sue Tucker. What a team. This was a life changing experience, and I can’t wait to share everything I have learned.

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