Hug a Quilt Today!

I have declared it “Hug A Quilt Day”! I lovingly carried all my quilts back down to Tuckerville. I hugged each one as they were either hung or folded on a shelf. I’m so happy my quilts are home! Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and support!

10 thoughts on “Hug a Quilt Today!

  1. Lisa Burgess

    I’ll bet it was mucho sad down there without them adorning the walls and shelves .. glad the family is back together ❤


  2. Marlene

    Can’t express just how happy I am for you that your quilts have found their way home. I know how precious they are to you. You are so generous of your time and share your expertise so wonderfully. You deserve all things bright and beautiful as you certainly bring all things bright and beautiful into our lives.



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