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A Tote For My Featherweight

I’m getting ready to go to the NC Quilt Symposium, May 23rd thru the 26th. I decided to take my Singer 1939 Featherweight sewing machine. It is lightweight and won’t take up too much room. So I cleaned, oiled, and lubricated her, changed the needle. I have the original carry case, but it smells musty, it adds weight and takes up room. So I decided to make her a padded carry tote. I made it the same way I make all my totes. I have a tote making lesson plan under “Class Descriptions, Supply Lists & Stuff.

I cut a canvas outer fabric and lining fabric 20″ by 40”. I cut a 20″ by 40″ piece of Quilters Dream Fusible Batting.

The 1940’s style Lady embroidery design is from Embroidery Library. I embroidered the design, fused the batting to the back of the outer fabric, sewed up the sides and then made an 8″ gusset by measuring down 4″ to make my sewing line (see lesson plan for details).

Now I feel my Featherweight is protected. She will be placed in a roller cart with other items but won’t get scratched up.

Featherwright Tote



Grocery Bags With Style

I have been carrying my own grocery bags to the store for almost 10 years now. I like to help the environment and I find them strong so you can really fill them up. Also they are washable! I’m from Upstate NY. There is a store there called Hapanowicz Brothers, and they make some great food. So I figured, why have boring bags. In honor of the Big Party Kielbasa I made this bag.
001 Hapanowicz

002 Big Party

03 Hapanowicz 2

I just love The Piggly Wiggly. It makes me smile every time I say it!
04 Piggly Wiggly

05 Runs with Scissors

This is my Lunch Bag. I love Steampunk.
06 Steampunk Crow

This is the old textile mill behind my grandparents home in New York Mills, NY. I love that building.
07 Marys bag Front