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I’ve Been Wearing the Same Shirt for 20 Years!

Whaaaaaat?  I started making this shirt 20 years ago and love it so much I’m still making it.  I learned to sew in high school 50 years ago (boy it hurts to say that out loud)!


I first made this shirt in 1999.  I love it.


But, I did alter it.  I’m always hot, so I did away with the collar.  I folded the pattern front center edge to give a smooth V neck and do away with the collar.  But then I needed to create a facing.  So I laid the pattern piece on tracing paper and traced the curve, then add 2″ to the width.  I also shortened it by folding the pattern up to give it a straight edge.


I decided I didn’t need to add a separate yoke, so I stitched the yoke pattern piece to the back pattern piece to simplify the process.


I love cotton shirts.  How lucky that I’m a quilter with access to lots of cotton fabric!  After washing the fabric I cut out all the pieces and then serge the edges.

I love that the sleeves are not set in and that the front of the sleeve is the same as the back.  It makes it easy to stitch to the front and back pieces, and then stitch the side seams.


Four more shirts ready for me to wear.


My uniform – cotton shirt & jeans!  Life is good.

Pattern Inspiration

The Quilt Ninja was born in 2008 When I entered and won First Place in the Virginia Consortium Of Quilter’s (VCQ) Apron Contest. I used Indygo Junction pattern Sewing Smock IJ694, but gave it my own twist by machine embroidering the pockets with quilting designs. I would reach around and grip the ruler from the pocket on my back while simultaneously whipping out my rotary cutter and crying out “Quilt Ninja”! The Quilt Ninja has been my alter ego ever since. This year I remade the vest using the Easy Silhouette Vest IJ730 because I lost 50 pounds.

In 2008 I won first place in the Tidewater Quilters Guild Show, Virginia Beach, VA for Wearable Art. I called it “Head Above Water”. I used the One Block Wonder process for the blocks. I laid down the pattern and designed the blocks over it until I couldn’t see the pattern anymore, then I sewed the blocks together, repined them to the pattern piece and cut out the pattern using Indygo Junction Retro Raglan Jacket IJ764. I thought it looked like water, so I machine embroidered fish swimming on it.

In 2011 I made my “I Love New York” jacket using the Indygo Junction Easy Silhouette Jacket IJ741. I hadn’t lost the weight yet so I enlarged & lengthened it and lined it. I machine embroidered NY items on it such as the Statue of Liberty on the sleeve, etc. On the back I embroidered the Textile Mill behind my grandparents’ house in upstate New York. My tribute to NY.

I guess you can say Indygo Junction Patterns inspire me!

01 Jackie OBrien Sewing Smock Front IJ694

02 Jackie OBrien Sewing Smock Back IJ694

03 Jackie OBrien Retro Raglan Jacket IJ764



06 Jackie OBrien Easy Sillouhette Vest Front IJ730

07 Jackie OBrien Easy Silhouette Vest Back IJ730