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#56 Kaleidocally Hexed or OBW

Before you reach for your dictionary, I made that word (kaleidocally) up!  These Kaleidoscope/hexagon quilts are fun and addictive as you can tell by the fact I have now made 56 of them!  This year Grand Central Station in New York City and Union Station in Utica New York celebrated their 100th birthday.  I had wanted to make a quilt to celebrate this fact but was overcome by events.  The year 2014 has been challenging for me to say the least.  Needless to say I found my self facing the last week in 2014 and my goal was to get this quilt top done, and I did – in 4 days.  It is News Years Eve, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I wanted to show you some interior pictures of Union Station in Utica NY. I love this train station.  When I was 12 I left from Union Station and went all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a thrill for me and I have loved trains ever since.
01 Union Station 1

Isn’t the marble gorgeous?

02 Union Station 2

I absolutely love the oak seats.  This is a very active train station.

03 Union Station 3

Below is a fabric from Timeless treasures I chose for this kaleidocally hexed quilt.  It is a city scape of landmarks in New York City.  I will have to make another quilt that represents the rest of New York (which is stunningly beautiful)!


Below is the top I finished in 4 days aptly named “New York – Kaleidocally Hexed”.  I recorded my self making this top and shared the video’s on this blog.


I so look forward to 2015 and pushing on with other quilt projects like Studio 180 Design’s “Northern Neighbors”!  Happy New year everyone and God Bless!

06 Northern Neighbors