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Yellow Brick Road With a Twist, #57

I’m making a fund raiser quilt for The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica whose mission is to promote the preservation and restoration of historically and architecturally significant buildings and sites. Through projects, community education, advocacy, marketing and planned activities, the Society engages its’ members, partners and the community in preserving the past and protecting the future.

I decided on a One Block Wonder because they are so much fun and visually interesting.  As I’ve said before I’m a self proclaimed Wizard of Oz freak, plus L. Frank Baum was born in Chittenango, NY in 1856 not far from Utica.  So I went to my Oz stash and chose my fabric.  It all starts with 6 repeats of fabric.  I decided to put one repeat on the back of the quilt because it was too large to use in the borders.

One Repeat

I cut my 6 repeats, aligned the fabric, cut my strips, cut my equilateral triangles and decided to start with a Yellow Brick Road.

First step

I began by using the yellow blocks to start the path.


I was pleased with the design except for one block.


As I said earlier, the original fabric design was too large to use in the borders so I needed to pull from my Oz stash for the outer borders.  I had already sewn the rows together when I noticed one block in the lower left of the quilt that kept catching my eye.  I decided to embroider something in the block to tone it down.


Monkey in the Moonlight, I love it!


Borders on, now to quilt it.


Locked and loaded.  I’m using Quilters Dream Orient Batting made from an exotic blend of bamboo, luscious silk and very soft cotton!  After washing, when I took it out the dryer it just draped in my arms.


The shadows were in the way a little, but at least the sun is out on this beautiful April day in Central NY.


This is the 57th One Block Wonder that I have made.

Overcome By Events

Have you ever been overcome by events?  It’s been two weeks since I last checked in with you guys.  I have been busy at work and have been unable to indulge in my passion of quilting.  This week-end I made a tote bag for my fellow Battgirl Neva.  She is a Wizard of Oz enthusiast as am I.  Neva wanted the Wicked Witch on one side.

Overcome by Events

And Dorothy on the other.


I was at a Sew-A-Thon Friday night and Saturday and managed to get my next hexagon quilt blocks sewn together.  This fabric is from the Georgia O’Keefe line by Alexander Henry.  This will be OBW number 54!


I also made a quilt label for my friend Paula.  She made a T-Shirt quilt that will raffled at the 2014 Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach.


Next Sunday I will be teaching the demo class for the Studio 180 Design Corner Beam & V Block tools.  We are getting ready for the Deb Tucker “Double Charmed” class coming up at Sew EZ in Virginia Beach.  Below is the 20″ block we will make to help us get comfortable the tools.  The supply list can be found with the Class Schedule.


Inside the Twister

Made from Wizard of Oz fabric in sepia tones. The blocks in this quilt are made from one piece of fabric. Each block is a kaleidoscope of equilateral triangles. It is designed to look as if the twister is in the middles of the fabric scooping up Dorothy, Toto, Miss Gulch and Professor Marvel. All materials are new and 100% cotton. I designed this quilt, made it and quilted it. It has been washed and measures 72″ x 78″.

Inside the Twister with Borders

Inside the Twister now has borders made from the original fabric that the block are made from. It measures 77″ by 84″. Next it gets quilted, but not until next week. This weekend I am at a quilt retreat. I’ll be hanging with my peeps, should be a blast!

Inside the Twister with Borders