Is Your Past Haunting You?

Mine is!  I have 7 quilt tops from 2014 that have not been quilted yet and “Northern Neighbors” pattern with only 1 block finished.


Moving out of state put a real crimp in my quilting.  I am a compulsive finisher, so having a pile of unfinished quilts is driving me crazy.   I have a Nolting fun Quilter, it is a mid-arm with a 17″ throat.  I also have a larger studio now so I have room for a 12′ quilt frame.  One has been ordered and should be here by the end of January.  I’m hoping my new Nolting frame will help me be a better, more creative quilter.

Needless to say, my resolutions for 2015 are all about finishing my tops and getting back to healthy diet again.

10 thoughts on “Is Your Past Haunting You?

  1. stitchinstein

    Oh no! Don’t let them drive you crazy! I have about as many as you but I will take them one at a time and get them quilted. Sometimes they have to talk to me a bit in order for their quilting style personality to be established.


  2. auntyemnhEmily Schaefer

    I had to downsize in 2007, after my husband passed. I was going into Senior Housing and even had to sell my Nolting Hobby Quilter w/Gracepro frame. It would not have fit anywhere in those tiny apts. Well, after it was sold, my plans did a complete and surprising flip. But, alas, too late to make any difference about the sale of the Nolting. Now I live in Florida, have room for machine and no money to get one!! Sso, yes, I guess my past does haunt me!! I do meander on my domestic machine, but it sure leaves a lot to be desired!!


      1. Jane Victoria

        You’ll definitely be able to if you have the patience. I feel as though I never quite have the best ideas on how to quilt things. Hopefully I’ll get that sorted over the next few months.


  3. KimS

    Your tops are beautiful. I love the bright colors! My new longarm comes tomorrow, so excited! Here is to a very creative, productive 2015! Happy quilting!



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