UPS Angel – Judy Jackson Update

I’m so happy, Judy Jackson called this morning to say she received the OBW quilt I made her. She is absolutely thrilled and loves the quilt. Included in our thank you to Judy were hats made by my sister and chocolates!

I am so grateful to you for caring and doing a wonderful job. Thank you for finding my quilts!

6 thoughts on “UPS Angel – Judy Jackson Update

  1. Becky Foster

    I am a quilter from the Chicago area, and (unrelated to quilting) I know Judy personally!! This is an awesome ending to an incredible story!!


  2. Verna

    Jackie. I took your class at Lake Havasu. It is on the design wall and I am finally sewing the rows together. I love it already! I’m the one in the back of the room with blue, green, pink and orange tropical flowers . If I can figure out how to take a photo and send it, I’ll send you a picture of the finished quilt. Loved your class!!



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