The Wild Flowers of Alder Creek

Number 55 top is done.  I will be teaching a 3 part class on making these hexagonal quilts beginning November 8th at Tiger Lily Quilt Company.  I went there yesterday to pick out an inner border.  The colors in this quilt are so wild, Donna Papaleo (the shop owner) suggested I use black Kona and she was right!  It was the only color that would calm down this quilt top.

Wild Flowers

Tiger Lily Quilt Co. is located at 809 Court Street, in the Historic Brewery district, at the Boilermaker finish line in the City of Utica, located in upstate Central New York across the street from FX Matt Brewery.

The Shoppes at the Finish Line building was part of the historic Utica Globe Woolen Mills established in 1847.  Today this building has so much original character, I love this building.

04 Shoppes at the Finish Line

The Shoppes at the Finish Line not only houses the Tiger Lily Quilt Company but also Finish Line Furniture, Utica Brews café, a gift shop, and a Psychic.  The Rome Investigators of the Paranormal visit there often.

06 Brewrey tour

How can you beat a quilt shop across the street from a brewery?

05 Brewery




8 thoughts on “The Wild Flowers of Alder Creek

  1. Glenys Lambrakos

    Gorgeous. I have fabric to try but I think I would go better in a class. Always things books just can’t teach. I live outside Philly. Maybe a three weekend retreat? We’ll see. Maybe in spring if you offer it again.


  2. Jennifer G.

    You still have to come back…but I give you a year. By then I might have taken out all of the seams of the One Block Wonder that I know will never be completed…hahaha!


  3. Carol J.

    Oh! I think this is one of your best!!! I agree about the black ‘stopping’ the quilt. I also use a good dark navy.
    We miss you soooooooooooo much. Sounds like you are happy.



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