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My OBW Stash

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…fabric stash that is!  There is a great group on Facebook called “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum” that has over 5000 worldwide members.  The group feeds the souls of us that are somewhat obsessed with One Block Wonders (OBW).  This process was created by Maxine Rosenthal.  She has produced 3 books: One Blocks Wonders, One Block Wonders Encore! & One Block Wonders Cubed.  All 3 are essential! (Rumor has it there is a 4th in the works!)

I was on Facebook a little while ago and we were talking about our OBW Stashes, how much was too much, etc.  Ann B. stated she would love a peak at mine. I proudly stated  I had at least 40 six yard pieces of fabric set aside for OBW’s.  Well, it’s a good thing we talked.,because my stash is dwindling…I only have 35 six yard pieces set aside!  Lord have mercy, I need to go shopping!


Lotus Leaf in 3 colorways by Kaffe Fassett



From left to right: Flowers of the Sun by Windsor, English Countryside by Sue Beavers & Martha Negley by Rowan & Westminster


Memoirs from China by Robert Kaufman, Atlantis by Moda & Golden Jungle by Alexander Henry


I love Cutting up People: Delivery by Timeless Treasures, Heavy Equipment by Alexander Henry & Au Natural also by Alexander Henry


City Scapes by Benartex, Paris by Timeless Treasures & Fantasia also by Timeless Treasures


California Fiesta by Alexander Henry, Holiday Flourish by Robert Kaufman & Historic Highway by Alexander Henry


North by Timeless Treasures, Tigers by Exclusively Quilters & Nature Scapes by Hoffman


Zebras by Exclusively Quilters, Bear Mountain by Exclusively Quilters & Lion Eyes by Alexander Henry


Bewitched by  & Misty Jungle both by Alexander Henry


Saturday Evening Post by Quilting Treasures.  I’m not sure what I’m doing with this one yet, but I have ideas.


5 six yard pieces of The Wizard of Oz in sepia tones, I have a slight obsession with The Wizard of Oz!


I only have 2 six yard pieces of this Wizard of Oz fabric left!!! Did I mention I have a slight obsession with the Wizard of Oz?  But I still have several tubs of The Wizard of Oz fabric.

Well, there you have it.  I’m willing to bet there is someone out there that can beat my stash!

Just Hanging Around

I was searching Pinterest for different ways to store, show or hang quilts. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest for quilt storage you should, they have some wonderful ideas.  The ones I really liked required carpentry, ain’t nobody got time for that!  So I bought some curtain rods and went to work.


I had enough room for a 60″ rod and if I folded the quilts just right I could fit 3 on a rod and I had room for a 2nd tier. I showed this picture to a Facebook group call “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum” and they loved it so I thought I would share it you too!


Then I had to go buy 2 more smaller curtain rods to hang two more quilts.


I couldn’t forget about the back of the couch.


Of course I have my “Remember Me” obituary quilt on another wall. I guess this means I might not need to paint down here now!


Upon entering the Quilt Zone I have Grandma Bessie keeping an eye on me.  How do you hang or show off your quilts?

I Love New York…. & Sew Much More

I’m getting excited. Next week I head south to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton Virginia.  I will be helping out Deb Tucker at the Studio 180 Design Booth, so please, if you are there stop by and say hello.  I’m sorry I will have to miss my local guild “The Mohawk Valley Quilt Club’s” 35th Anniversary celebration.  Congratulation to a great group of quilters.

I’m test driving my new Nolting quilt frame. It is pretty spectacular.  Having a commercial frame makes my mid-arm work better.  I have dreams of improving my quilt skills immensely.  I bought the frame from Delightful Quilting & Sewing. Joyce and Ron Blowers are Nolting Dealers and drove 3 hours to my house in a snow event and set it up for me. I really liked them a lot!  I need to take some lessons from Joyce.


I usually finish my quilts in the order they are pieced, (just a little OCD) but I wanted to finish “I Love New York” to celebrate the mountains of snow we have, with more on the way.  There is a group on Facebook called “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum”.  Someone asked me how I quilted my hexagon quilts.  I meander mine, not just because that’s all I know how to do, but by going over every seam and center they lay nice and flat.


I was trying to be arty and photograph my quilt out in the snow, but there is so much snow (close to 3 feet in parts of my yard) I had a very difficult time getting a good angle.


So I gave up, scraped off mounds of snow and came inside.


The Wild Flowers of Alder Creek

Number 55 top is done.  I will be teaching a 3 part class on making these hexagonal quilts beginning November 8th at Tiger Lily Quilt Company.  I went there yesterday to pick out an inner border.  The colors in this quilt are so wild, Donna Papaleo (the shop owner) suggested I use black Kona and she was right!  It was the only color that would calm down this quilt top.

Wild Flowers

Tiger Lily Quilt Co. is located at 809 Court Street, in the Historic Brewery district, at the Boilermaker finish line in the City of Utica, located in upstate Central New York across the street from FX Matt Brewery.


The Shoppes at the Finish Line building was part of the historic Utica Globe Woolen Mills established in 1847.  Today this building has so much original character, I love this building.

04 Shoppes at the Finish Line


The Shoppes at the Finish Line not only houses the Tiger Lily Quilt Company but also Finish Line Furniture, Utica Brews café, a gift shop, and a Psychic.  The Rome Investigators of the Paranormal visit there often.


06 Brewrey tour

How can you beat a quilt shop across the street from a brewery?

05 Brewery




Pussy Footing Around

I finished my niece Brandy’s quilt. She loves cats, I call this one “Pussy Footing Around”. I hope she likes it. I like to make a gift bag to go along with the quilt. I just need to sew on the label and I’m off to get it mailed.

Inside the Twister Locked and Loaded

I’m still trying to catch up from teaching all last weekend, but in between embroidering quilt labels, etc. I loaded Inside the Twister on the quilt frame. So I would quilt a row, then run to the embroidery room and check on the embroidery machine. Status: Inside the twister is quilted, waiting for binding, 3 quilt labels are done and half way through a job for my friend Jennifer.

Tomorrow I’m off to teach the Lemoyne star class at Sew E-Z in Portsmouth.

September Surprise Quilt Retreat

I was at a quilt retreat this weekend with a group from the Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Hampton, VA. We had a blast. We were at the 4H Center in Wakefield Virginia. A very nice facility, great rooms, great food, great staff.

I accomplished a lot. I completed about 115 hexagon blocks for a quilt I’m calling “Pussy Footing Around”. Also worked on the Spiderweb quilt, piecing 20 15 inch blocks. My OBW Aurora Borealis got borders, and I started working on anew quilt called Galaxy by Deb Tucker.

There was a lot of taxidermy there, note my friend Lisa with the polar bear.

I drank the Kool-Aid and had to get the folding wagon. These wagons are great, they fold up for easy storage and can hold up to 150 pounds. If you go to quilts shows, retreats or quilt classes these wagons are great for reducing the number of trips to your car. Of course we had to pimp out our individual wagons courtesy of If These Threads Could Talk!

It is good to be home, I missed my dogs (and my husband).

Inside the Twister – Rows Sewn Together

I made progress and got the rows for Inside the Twister sewn together. So, now I have 2 One Block Wonders waiting for borders and one more to design. I can’t belive I’m working on 4 quilts at once, not to mention the 19 quilt labels I need to get done also.

Inside the Twister Rows Sewn Together