Studio 180 Academy 2017

I just got home from teaching at Studio 180 Academy 2017 at the White Eagle Conference Center in Hamilton, NY!  Wow did we have a great time!  I am posting some pictures, but there are more at the Studio 180 Academy Facebook Page.  Next Year, Studio 180 Academy 180 will be held in Zion, Illinois, September 19 – 22, 2018, so mark your calendars!

Apply Center

I made so many friends.  It was absolutely fabulous!

Deb Annette Jackie Sue

Deb Tucker was there. Her keynote speech was wonderful!

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Sue Graf & I taught Sea Glass.

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Sue & I taught Northern Neighbours by Deb Tucker

Jenns Journey

Lynn Wheatley & Jackie Mowday taught Jenn’s Journey (a pattern by Michelle Hiatt)

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Sue & I taught Diamonds in the Sky (a pattern by Michelle Hiatt)

Purveyor of Paper Plates

Jackie O’Brien the Purveyor of Paper Plates!

2 thoughts on “Studio 180 Academy 2017

  1. thequiltrambler

    I have so enjoyed all the photos you shared on FB – I can only imagine the fun that you girls had! If it was anything like CI training as far as getting to know each other then I know you made some lifetime friends. I hope to meet you sometime in person, thankful that I “know you” through CI/FB/S180 ! Keep inspiring me!! Karen O in TX




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