I Am No Longer a Wool Virgin

If you have ever wanted to make migrating geese, I am here to tell you they are not difficult. You do not need a special tool. This process is a Precision Technique so be sure to use your best skills when cutting, marking, stitching & pressing.  Deb Tucker has a Technique sheet that shows you a quick easy and fun way to make these migrating geese in 7 different sizes.
Blue Geese

I decided to try (for the first time) Dream Wool by Quilters Dream Batting.  Dream wool is made in the USA, from a blend of fine domestic and Merino wool.  Dream Wool contains no scrim or resins, it is carded, crosslapped and thermally boned for uniformity and strength.  It was like quilting on air

Blue Goose

Quilts made with Dream Wool may be machine washed and dried with little shrinkage using cool water and a cool dryer.  Of course I did not follow these instructions because that is how I roll.  I did wash it in cold water, but I dried it normally, as I would any quilt.  It did shrink, but not dis-similar to a quilt with 100% cotton batting.


I love this process for making Migrating Geese and encourage you to try it.



8 thoughts on “I Am No Longer a Wool Virgin

  1. Lani

    QD Wool is my absolute favorite batting. I have converted most of my customers too 🙂
    I wash in a front loader on hand wash cycle and put in the dryer on the air tumble cycle and then layout to finish drying. I haven’t had any issues with shrinkage.

    You can quilt wool to death and it still stays supple. It is warm in the winter and light in the summer. LOVE it!!


    1. ifthesethreadscouldtalk Post author

      Do you follow the washing and drying instructions? How was the shrinkage? I know more and more show quilts are being quilted with wool, because they love the definition it gives their stitches. My friend Michelle Hiatt just won two ribbons at MQX. She used two layers of wool.


      1. Teri Lucas Terificreations

        Uh, washing and drying instructions? Mmm no. My show quilts are not intended for use on beds so they don’t get washed. If the wool is going to get wet I’m going to be blocking the quilt so I’m going to stretch the heck out of it and dry it as fast as possible.
        I use either: two layers of wool, two layers of silk or a layer of wool and a layer of silk.


      2. ifthesethreadscouldtalk Post author

        I just wanted to see how a quilt made with wool batting would shrink. I was pleasantly surprised. I have decided that if I wNt to yes wool batting in a quilt that will be washed, I will just have to make it a little bit bigger! Ta Da!


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