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A Few of My Favorite Things

World Wide Quilting Day is March 21, 2020. I will be participating in a Blog Hop to celebrate. The theme is “Making Us Laugh”.

My assigned day is Friday March 20th. I was working on my secret project for the blog hop and using my Reliable iron and started thinking about some of the tools I love while making quilts (besides my all time favorite Studio 180 design tools)! Is it too much to say I’m in love with this iron? I love a substantial iron that produces great steam!

The Velocity 260IR’s patented built-in steam generator produces up to 55% more steam than traditional steam irons for perfect ironing in less time.  While traditional irons are prone to leaking and spitting, the Velocity irons use a patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology that pre-heats the water and turns it into steam before it reaches the soleplate. The Velocity 260IR iron will give you perfect constant steam at even the lowest temperatures, yet are 100% safe for all fabrics.

Beside using my Reliable iron every day, I use my Original Big Board. I love this sturdy Ironing board. It is so well made it will last forever!

Get all the space you need while pressing and cutting with this board. The generous work surface of The Original Big Board™ now has its own fold away legs and can be set up as quickly as an ironing board.  Plus, it folds flat to less than 2-1/2″ in height for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

While working on my secret project I used my Strip Stick. As someone who has made 73 One Block Wonders I can truly appreciate how easy the Strip Stick makes it to press every seam open without disturbing the seams that have already been pressed!

The Strip Stick, so-named for pressing seams when strip quilting, makes ironing seams a snap without distorting previously pressed seams.  Other uses include the ability to press intricate piecing, such as one-block wonders and other blocks with intersecting seams. Quilters are excited to have a tool that not only keeps the seams very straight, but also cuts pressing time to a minimum!

My favorite way to finish my quilts is with Quilter’s Dream Batting.

Quilter Dream has 12 different battings for you to choose from (Sold at your favorite local quilt shop). My favorite Quilters Dream Cotton Select, it is 100% Pure Cotton Batting. They start with the finest USA natural and environmentally friendly cotton and specially processed Dream Cotton so that you can quilt up to 8″ apart. No prewashing necessary! Available in Natural and White in four lofts: request, select, deluxe and supreme.

I use the Quilters Dream Poly Request & Select for my class samples because Poly doesn’t have the memory cotton has. Quilters Dream Poly uses an exclusive blend of the new fine microfibers. Dream Poly has exceptional drape, breathability and comfort surpassing all other polyester battings.  Quilts beautifully! Available in three lofts in pure white: request, select and deluxe.

Just a few of my Class Samples!

Join us in the Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day March 21, 2020.

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As I was preparing for an upcoming Tucker University Diamond Rects Class I though I would make Deb Tucker’s Refraction.  It is a companion pattern for the Diamond Rects tool.

This is a great pattern to make to expand your skill at using your Diamond Rects Tool.  Using six 2 1/2″ strips & background fabric this table runner is fun and quick to make.


I chose six 2 1/2″ strips from Island Batik’s “Spoolin Around” Island Strips pack & Cotton Egg-White for the background.

Cutting the Diamond

I opened my strips and positioned 3 strips right sides up ( you can stack more if you are comfortable), aligning the raw edges.  I am right handed, so the selvedges are to the left.  Align the guidelines of the ruler with the raw edge of the strip.  Cut along the angled edge and across the top.


Rotate the first piece around to make the second diagonal cut near the selvedge edge.


Continue to make cuts until you have 7 diamonds from each strip.


Layer 3 more strip and continue to cut as before.

Cut 6 squares 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ from the remainder of each of the 2 1/2″ strips.

Cutting the Side Triangles


Cut your rectangles from the background fabric per pattern instructions.

Position the Side triangle Cutting Section of the ruler against the raw edges of the stacked rectangles and cut along the slanted edge of the ruler.

Stitch, Press, & Trim

Always lay out all the pieces right sides up as they are going to be stitched.  Stitch two opposite side triangles to opposite edges of the center diamond.  I align the raw edges, but instead of centering the diamond over the side triangle, I personally nudge my side triangle toward the thicker point of the center diamond.  This gives me extra when it comes to the trim down process.  Press toward the side triangle and away from the center diamond.

Align and stitch the remaining two side triangles to the raw edges of the center diamond as before.  Press away from the center diamond.

Place the stitched and pressed unit on the cutting mat.  Position the trim down side of the ruler on the unit, aligning the “X’s” and the dashed lines with the seam intersections and the sewn seams.  Trim up the side and across the top. Rotate the unit and reposition the ruler, this time align the clean up lines on the previously trimmed sides along with the “X’s” and the dashed lines.  Trim up the side and across the top.  See tool instructions for left hand cutting.


Complete all your diamonds.

img_6127Layout the pattern pieces, stitch into rows and add borders per pattern instructions.


This was quick & fun!  Finished project measures 16″ x 51″.  Proudly stitched with Aurifil thread and completed with Quilter’s Dream Blend Batting.

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Wild Flowers in the Dead of Winter!

I just finished my quilt donation to Quilter’s Dream Batting, Hopes & Dreams Challenge for ALS research.  It is my hope that every quilter reading this will donate a quilt to help raise awareness and research money for ALS, Lou Gerhigs disease.  100% of money raised goes to ALS research.

All quilts donated are entered to receive fantastic prizes donated by wonderful sponsors.

Categories for prizes are:

Sew Lovely – 3 Quilters will win prizes valued at $500.

Sew Generous Individual – An Individual donating the most quilts will win $1,250 in great prizes.

Sew Generous Quilt Guild – The quilt guild donating the most quilts will win $1,250 in great prizes.

Sew Generous Professional – The professional quilter, longarmer or teacher who donates the most quilts will win $1,250 in prizes.

Sew Popular, 3 Winners – Top quilts are posted on the internet and voted on,  1st Place $1,250 in great prizes, 2nd Place $750 in great prizes and 3rd Place $50- in great prizes.

Sew Creative , 3 Winners – Fabric Postcards, wall hangings, handbags, accessories, miniature quilts, mug rugs, paintings, table runners, etc. which will be sold to raise funds for ALS Research.  All entries will be entered into a drawing to win prizes valued at $500.

Sew Generous Quilt Shop – The quilt shop that donates the most quilts will win $1,250 in great prizes.

Donate one or more quilts by July 31st.  Quilts postmarked after July 31st will be entered in next year’s Hopes & Dreams Challenge.  For complete information go to Quilters Dream Batting and click on Hopes & Dreams Challenge for ALS.


Wild Flowers of Alder Creek


It is winter in Central NY, but there are flowers in my yard today!


I hope you take time to donate to ALS Research!



I’m Stuck on You

Or, you will be if you use Dream Fusion Batting by Quilters Dream Batting.  I first tried Dream Fusion last year when I taught  Quilt as You Go Blue Christmas.  This lesson makes it possible to complete a lap size quilt in a weekend, for those times when you need a gift but don’t have time to get it to a longarmer.

The glue threads are needle punched right into the batting.  Once you have fused Dream Fusion batting to your fabric, it stays fused.  It is not like anything other fusible batting out there.  The quilt was so soft after I washed it, you would never imagine it was made with a fusible batting.

Dream Fusion is great for so many projects from quilts to placemats.  I also fused it to canvas and embroidered right through it on my 6 needle machine.  It did not gum up the needles at all!

It is so easy…. Simply place the fusible side (a little bit more texture and shine than top side) against the back side of your fabric (back side to back side)… set your iron based on your fabric… with Wool or cotton setting being the best for quicker fusing. Slowly iron the fabric (not the batting) from the center out – keeping heat and light pressure slowly moving in each area for a few seconds…. then allow to cool…. then quilt, sew, embroider or let your imagination run wild!

Dream Fusion is solvent-free its use is environmentally friendly.

Green with Envy????

No, just green with batting.  Quilters Dream Green that is.  I completed “Twister” a Studio 180 Design pattern for a class I was teaching several months ago, but I just now found time to quilt it.  I love this pattern, it is a companion pattern for the Tucker Trimmer I.  There is nothing like a pieced border to give your quilt eye catching appeal.  I used a focus fabric by Alison Glass called Lucky Penney in the border.  It was my jumping off point for the colors I chose.

Twister and Dream Green

This was my opportunity to try Dream Green earth friendly batting, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Recycled plastic bottles are cut into chips, washed, melted and extruded into fine polyester fibers.  Processed using the close-the-loop recycling chain, it is pro-environment in both its raw material source and its manufacturing process.  Each pound of Dream Green Batting keeps 10 plastic bottles out of our landfills.


Dream Green loaded easily and stitched beautifully.  There is no scrim or resins, yet you can stitch up to 12″ apart.  I machine washed it in warm water and dried it on a medium heat.  I thought it behaved very much like cotton batting.  There was very little shrinkage.  I was pleased with Dream Green and will use it again.


Twister is a great skill building pattern.

I Am No Longer a Wool Virgin

If you have ever wanted to make migrating geese, I am here to tell you they are not difficult. You do not need a special tool. This process is a Precision Technique so be sure to use your best skills when cutting, marking, stitching & pressing.  Deb Tucker has a Technique sheet that shows you a quick easy and fun way to make these migrating geese in 7 different sizes.
Blue Geese

I decided to try (for the first time) Dream Wool by Quilters Dream Batting.  Dream wool is made in the USA, from a blend of fine domestic and Merino wool.  Dream Wool contains no scrim or resins, it is carded, crosslapped and thermally boned for uniformity and strength.  It was like quilting on air

Blue Goose

Quilts made with Dream Wool may be machine washed and dried with little shrinkage using cool water and a cool dryer.  Of course I did not follow these instructions because that is how I roll.  I did wash it in cold water, but I dried it normally, as I would any quilt.  It did shrink, but not dis-similar to a quilt with 100% cotton batting.


I love this process for making Migrating Geese and encourage you to try it.




I just finished quilting and binding my Studio 180 design pattern “Victorious”  I’m on my quest to branch out and try other battings.  Of course my preference is any batting by Quilters Dream.  This time I used the “Blend”, 70% cotton & 30% polyester, needle punched onto an ultra light scrim base.  It was created especially for machine quilters.


It was very nice to work with.  It didn’t stretch out of shape at all.  It stitched beautifully.  It held its shape throughout the washing and drying process.


Victorious is a beautiful traditional quilt pattern that uses the Deb Tucker V Block tool and the Squared2 tool for units in four corners of the border.  The V Block tool was also used to create the diamond shapes in the border.  Although, now Deb has created the Diamond Rects tool that could also be used to create the border units.

Dreaming of the Orient, (Batting that is)

I’m a cotton girl. I’ve always used 100% cotton batting. But, this year this Batt Girl is breaking out of her Batt Cave! Today I quilted my Studio 180 Design quilt “Wish Upon”, but I used Dream Orient by Quilters Dream Batting. This batting is made of bamboo, silk, tencel and cotton. When I opened the package the first I noticed was how luxuriously soft it was. It seemed a little thicker than Dream Cotton Select.  It was wonderful to touch.
Wish Upon

I have a small house. I was determined to find a way to get a long arm.  I bought a queen size “John Watts” quilt frame from Australia.  It only weighs 50 pounds, so when I wasn’t using it, it hung on the wall of the garage.  I bought a Nolting “Fun Quilter”  It weighs 40 pounds.  It has a 17″ throat and has a speed and stitch control.  After 7 years of lugging the frame in and out of the house, my husband finished the back pork so I could leave it up full time.


For today’s adventure, I have loaded the backing.


I then loaded the Dream Orient.  It handled really nicely, didn’t stretch out of shape at all.  It feels great.

I have the top loaded.  See my tractor seat stool?  It is great for rolling back and forth while I pin the backing etc. to the leaders.

I am now ready to quilt.  Like butta, I tell ya, smooooth!

Last row done.  It looks wonderful.  I’m off to trim off the excess batting and sew the binding on.  There was so much red in this quilt that when I washed it I put in 10 color catchers (they came out pink, so I’m glad I did).  I washed the quilt in cold water and dried it normally.  When I pulled it out the dryer, I noticed immediately how soft it was.  They say quilts quilted with Dream Orient drape beautifully, and they are right!  I am definitely using Dream Orient again.
Wish Upon

This pattern is by Deb Tucker.  We just had a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor Reunion.  Deb gave this to us as a mystery, but she will making the pattern available sometime this summer.  It uses the Split Rects Tool and the Wing Clipper I and the Tucker Trimmer I.  I love this quilt.

I Am Batt Girl

Batt Girl

I started out being known as the “Queen of One Block Wonders”.  Then my alter ego took over, the “Quilt Ninja”!  I have gone on to be known as a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor”.  Now…I am “Batt Girl”!  But I am not the only one.

I am working at Quilters Dream Batting based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I am part of a very special team that works very hard to bring you the best quilt batting in the world!  Quilters Dream Batting is a wholesale quilt batting supplier.  We only sell to quilt shops, and long-arm quilters, etc.  You must have a Tax ID number to purchase our batting.  We want quilt shops to be successful.  The wonderful thing about Quilters Dream Batting is there is NO Minimum Order!  So if your quilt shop does not carry our batting, tell them it is very easy to start an account, just go to the Quilters Dream Batting website.

What is your favorite batting and why?  Please let me know if you have any questions about One Block Wonder’s, Studio 180 Design – Deb Tucker products, and Quilters Dream Batting!

The Threads that Unite Us!

I just got back from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia.  It is not that I travelled a long distance, I only live about 30 minutes away.  I spent most of my time working in the Quilters Dream Batting Booth sharing information about the best batting made for quilters and selling quilts donated to Hopes & Dreams to raise money for ALS research.  We had a great weekend!

I wanted to give a shout out to local artist Meryl Ann Butler for winning a Blue Ribbon for “No Place Like Om”, congratulations!


I am also excited to share that two of my original quilts will be included in the exhibit “Stitching it all Together – The Threads that Unite Us” at the Virginia Quilt Museum from May 6th till August 23rd 2014.
jackie 4 small_5596

Above is a picture of my original designed quilt “In the Shadow of the Mill”. I lived in New York Mills, NY where there were textiles mills from before the Civil war to 1956. Members of my family had worked there for over 100 years. My sister took a picture looking down the steps in September 2008. That picture spoke to me. I made it my goal to make a quilt out of it and enter it in my home town quilt guild show. It won Best in Show, Best Original Design and Best Quilting and Piecing. In 2011 it won the Grand Prize and First Place in Farmers Museum “New York State of Mind” Quilt Contest in Cooperstown, NY. It was on display in the Fenimore Art Museum, also in Cooperstown. The quilt was quilted by Susanne Secoskey of Virginia Beach, VA.
Above my original design “Remember Me”, 76” by 86”: Consists of pieced Lemoyne star blocks and machine embroidered blocks. There are 22 machine embroidered obituaries from my family the McCorducks, Lansings, and Fischers, the oldest is from 1900 (114 years ago). This won First Place in the 2013 Mohawk Valley Quilt Club 2013 Show in Utica, NY.

Happy Quilting!