Quilt Block Detective

During the Studio 180 Design Teacher certification we participated in a skill building exercise, “Quilt Block Detective”. Various quilt blocks were displayed and we had to identify the units that made up the blocks. It was great fun and very educational. There are many fundamental units that are used to make a variety of quilt blocks. In the book “Pattern Play” by Doreen Speckmann, she introduces us to those basic units.
Quilt Block Detective
I wanted to practice, so I thumbed through the book. It contains fabulous quilts. I chose to investigate “Cross Street Pasture” below.
Doreen uses templates. Studio 180 Design tools can make the same units without templates. I identified Square/Squared, V Block, High/Low Left, High/Low Right, and the Corner Beam.
I decided to make 2″ finished units making it a 10″ finished block. This block could be made bigger by making the units bigger.
I really liked this block.

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