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Deb Tucker Certified Teacher Reunion

Tomorrow I leave for Pennsylvania for the Studio 180 Design Inaugural Certified Teacher Reunion. Whew is that a mouthful!  I have been so excited about attending this event that I got sick two days ago.  I have been in bed for two days trying to get well enough to drive 8 hours tomorrow.  We were the first group of quilters to get certified by Deb Tucker.  After our weekend reunion, Deb will start the process of certifying the second group of lucky inductees.  We (the first group) are so excited to see each other again, we really bonded over our experience together.

Reunion Mystery

To prepare for this weekend, we were given instructions for a Deb Tucker Mystery Quilt.   We had to make many, many ,many Split Rects, Flying Geese, and Half Square Triangles.   We were also tasked with creating a challenge block to see if we can figure out what Studio 180 Tools were used to make it.  I love playing block detective.  I call it being a QSI (Quilt Scene Investigator).  The only trouble is I tried making mine while in a NyQuil induced stupor.  I guess I will share it as what NOT to do!

We are going to try out a new yet to be released pattern by Deb Tucker.  Also, there are rumors about a new Studio 180 Tool!  I can’t wait to get there.  I’ll let you know what goes on!

Quilt Block Detective

During the Studio 180 Design Teacher certification we participated in a skill building exercise, “Quilt Block Detective”. Various quilt blocks were displayed and we had to identify the units that made up the blocks. It was great fun and very educational. There are many fundamental units that are used to make a variety of quilt blocks. In the book “Pattern Play” by Doreen Speckmann, she introduces us to those basic units.
Quilt Block Detective
I wanted to practice, so I thumbed through the book. It contains fabulous quilts. I chose to investigate “Cross Street Pasture” below.
Doreen uses templates. Studio 180 Design tools can make the same units without templates. I identified Square/Squared, V Block, High/Low Left, High/Low Right, and the Corner Beam.
I decided to make 2″ finished units making it a 10″ finished block. This block could be made bigger by making the units bigger.
I really liked this block.

Oak Ridge Stars Class

It was Deb Tucker Day in my class room this weekend. Today was another great class with great students. I worked their butts off, but they were up for the challenge. This is no quilt for the faint of heart. It’s not that it is hard, but there is a lot of cutting. I love Deb Tucker patterns because she is so thorough and detailed always reminding us which direct to press our seams. It was a great weekend of classes at the Hampton convention Center, sponsored by Bella Fabrics in Carollton, VA.

Thank you to Sharon, Arlene, Trishia, Robin, Suzanne and Leanne. I enjoyed you all very much.

Adding Spiderwebs to the Spiderweb

I arranged the spiderweb blocks on the design wall today, and sewed the rows together. I still need to add the inner and outer borders. I am machine embroidering spiderwebs between the blocks. I plan to embroider more Halloween motifs in the outer border also.