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What’s Your Angle

As quilter’s, we all have an angle. Deb Tucker has a new angle and it is 60 degrees! Studio 180 Design will soon be releasing a new Star 60 tool.

Hextravaganza, free pattern included in the Star 60 tool instructions

You all know that I have made many, many One Block Wonders (75). One Block Wonder’s are made by constructing equilateral triangles. An equilateral triangle is created by cutting fabric strips at a 60 degree angle.

Memories of China, by Luana Rubin for Robert Kauffman

I just finished making “Up Up & Away” OBW yesterday and wanted to play with the Star 60 tool. I’ve had this fabric for at least 14 years. It has a medium size design and a 12″ repeat. I HAD to make a kaleidoscope Star 60 Block. I cut my 6 repeats, aligned them and chose to make 5″ finished units. Following the tool instructions, I cut my strips sets 3 1/4″ wide.

First Cut

This strip set has 6 fabric layers. I put a new blade in rotary cutter and it cut through all 6 layers like butter!

Second Cut

Using the Star 60 tool, I cut the first entire 60 degree diamond. Continue cutting till the end of the strip. I got 10 blocks out of one WOF strip.

OBW 60 Degree Cut

Above, I said “I cut the entire 60 degree diamond”, when cutting for a OBW, we cut triangles. By the way you can use the Star 60 tool to cut equilateral triangles for OBW’s. Just be sure that the tool point is on the edge of the fabric strip. We love dog ears for aligning.

On the left is a block from equilateral triangles. On the right are 60 degree diamonds. Both were cut from 6 repeats of aligned fabric.

For the diamonds we need to add side triangles.

As with a OBW, I did not stitch the center seams. Anyone who has taken a OBW class from me knows I think “Y” seam are of the Devil”! “Y” seams are not required to make these blocks.

Measures 36″ x 36.5″

This was fun. I Love the Star 60 tool. The instructions are wonderful, clear and complete. You will have no trouble creating beautiful & unique 60 degree blocks!

Just look at some of the possibilities! If you are not getting the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Newsletter sign up www.studio180design.net so you never miss new pattern or tool releases.

I Don’t Think We are in Kansas Anymore Toto

I am a self proclaimed over the top Wizard of Oz fan and One Block Wonder quilts. I made my first hexagon quilt in 2006.

In 2008 I made “Inside the Twister I” from Wizard of Oz fabric by Quilting Treasures.

01 Inside the Twister 1 2008

In 2010 I made “Inside the Twister II” as a raffle fund raiser for the New York Mills, NY Historical Society.

02 Inside the Twister 2 2010

In 2012 I made “Inside the Twister III” as a raffle quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum.


I made the “Yellow Brick Road with a Twist”  for my Granddaughter Pepper.

04 Yellow Brick Road with a Twist 2010

I have decided to make another one, I have cut the repeats into strips as you can see below.  I wonder if it will come out the same or be completely different?


The blocks are looking very interesting.


Below are some of my Wizard of Oz collection: