Quilters – Rev your Sewing Machines!

Are you Ready for Journey’s BOM? We are getting close. I am shooting for Journey’s Month 1 to be posted September 29th, IF everything is in place by then. I will keep you posted (get it, LOL). The photo above is the Journey’s I made to test the pattern last Spring. It was not made with the beautiful fabrics you are getting from Stitchin Heaven & Jason Yenter.

24 thoughts on “Quilters – Rev your Sewing Machines!

      1. Debbie Skinner

        Hi Jackie, I was one of the first ones to sign up for this event-haven’t heard anything from Stitch-in Heaven yet. Should I be hearing from them soon?!


  1. Angela Fuller

    Thank you for doing this! I have been doing Tucker University Freshman Year classes. Had the rulers for several years but were never used.
    I am really excited to do Journeys!!


  2. connie1256

    I’ve used Debs square squared, tucker trimmer, corner beam, corner pop, wing clipper, and v block. I haven’t found anything to even compare to the accuracy and such little waste.


  3. Glenda Marsh

    Our kits are to be mailed Sept 29. Hoping we get very detailed instructions 😳. Looks like bigger blocks (not 2 inch finished)….I HOPE😂



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