Getting Ready for Journey BOM Month 1

Journey’s Month 1 will start shipping September 29th. I will post the Month 1 blog on October 6th, 2020. In the meantime if you haven’t used your Four Patch Square Up tool yet watch Deb Tucker’s Four Patch Square Up Video:

10 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Journey BOM Month 1

  1. Beverly Permenter

    I realize this is a BOM from 2020. I’m looking for the pattern and fabric cuts for the Stitcin Heavens Journey. I’m really having difficulty finding it. Thanks for your help.
    Beverly Permenter


  2. Glenda Marsh

    I’m in the Journey’s class….because I don’t see a specific video regarding our 4 patch sq. up ruler video for our first block….I’m wondering if the 1st 3 degree intersection is the only one you have to ‘worry about’ when making your first trim??….when I rotate 180 for the 2nd two trims, the 3 degree mark does not line up….so do you just measure using the previous 2 cut lines to = the 6.5 cut block??



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