Getting Ready for Journey BOM Month 1

Journey’s Month 1 will start shipping September 29th. I will post the Month 1 blog on October 6th, 2020. In the meantime if you haven’t used your Four Patch Square Up tool yet watch Deb Tucker’s Four Patch Square Up Video:

8 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Journey BOM Month 1

  1. Glenda Marsh

    I’m in the Journey’s class….because I don’t see a specific video regarding our 4 patch sq. up ruler video for our first block….I’m wondering if the 1st 3 degree intersection is the only one you have to ‘worry about’ when making your first trim??….when I rotate 180 for the 2nd two trims, the 3 degree mark does not line up….so do you just measure using the previous 2 cut lines to = the 6.5 cut block??



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