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I Will Be Your Guide On This Journey

Stitchin Heaven Quilt Shop is excited to announce a new collaboration of a unique BOM program from Deb Tucker (Studio 180 Design), NYT and USA Today best-selling author Marie Bostwick (Between Heaven and Texas, Hope on the Inside, and the Cobbled Court Quilt Series, including A Single Thread), Deb Luttrell (Stitchin’ Heaven), and Jason Yenter (In the Beginning Fabrics). In this 12-month program you will take your own Journeys through an exclusive novella written by Marie Bostwick. Each month you will receive a chapter from the book which is exclusive to this program. It is a page-turning tale of love, loss, and new beginnings for PJ Lloyd, an adventurous young woman who defies her family and risks her future to make a difference after the attack that plunged America into the second World War.

I will be your guide on this “Journey”. Every month I will post a tutorial showing you how to use the tools required for this beautiful quilt and answering your questions.

Throughout the Journeys BOM you will be on your own journey to learn how to use 8 of the tools from Studio 180 Design. Tools include: V Block, Corner Pop, Four-patch Square Up, Tucker Trimmer, Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Square Squared, Wing Clipper, Corner Beam. The final quilt measures 102″ x 102″. A beautiful collection of fabrics have been designed by Jason Yenter of In The Beginning Fabrics, that will make this project an heirloom favorite.

I tested the pattern with fabrics from Deb Tucker’s stash. It is truly a beautiful quilt I can’t wait for you to make your own! The Journey’s BOM program is due to start in September 2020. We will be sure to keep you up to date and informed on all the details.

A conversation with Deb Luttrell, Deb Tucker & Marie Bostwick

Starstruck, in a SueNami Kind of Way!


The Island Batik Ambassador’s challenge for September is “Starstruck”.  We must incorporate “stars” into our project.  I chose the Hunter Star block and Sue Tuckers award winning quilt pattern “SueNami“.  This really fun quilt was made with 5” blocks using Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter Star Petite tool and measures 68″ x 68″.


This fat quarter friendly quilt requires 8 dark & 8 light fat quarters.  I used yardage for light background instead of fat quarters.  Of course, all my fabrics are from Island Batik.


Every hunter star block consists of 2 trapezoids, 2 triangles, 4 star points.  I made 64 blocks – 32 blocks with dark trapezoids and triangles & 32 blocks with light trapezoids and triangles.

The first layout is with un-trimmed triangles. Take care when laying out the triangles that when ever dark star points come together that none are the same so when the stars are formed, every star point is a different color.


Having a design wall is very helpful.


Once you are satisfied with the balance of color, stitch blocks together, press seam open and trim using your Hunter Star tool.  Full instructions are included with the pattern & hunter star tool.


Once your blocks are trimmed, stitch them together into rows.

Join the rows together to complete the quilt center.


The inner border was made with flying geese using Deb Tucker’s Wing Clipper I tool.  A flying goose with a large light triangle always follows a flying goose with a large dark triangle. This fools the eye into seeing chevrons.


Stitch the geese into pairs, you will then have 8 chevrons from each color fabric. Divide the chevrons into four piles containing 2 chevrons from each color. Decide how you want the colors of your geese to flow, and organize each pile of 16 chevrons, we will use 15 per side. Each strip of stitched chevrons will end up in the same order, with 4 chevrons left over.

Cropped corner


The pattern calls for quarter Square triangles as the cornerstones.  I decided to use four patches, (there’s a story there).  Using Deb Tucker’s Four Patch Square Up tool for the four patches is so quick and easy.

This quilt comes alive with color because of the Island Batik fabrics I used.

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Scrapodopolis – BlockBuster’s #1 – #9

I just finished my quilt containing Deb Tucker’s BlockBuster patterns #1 through #9!  Scrapodopolis seems like a pretty good name.


I used the Tucker trimmer 1, Wing Clipper 1, Square/Squared, V Block & Four Patch Square up tools from Studio 180 Design.  I was encouraged by fellow Certified Instructor Sarah Furrer to try a block layout a little outside the box, and I totally did!

01 Layout

This is the layout I chose.  I did change it up a little.

02 Square Squared

My blocks are 12″ when finished.  that indicated that my Square/Squared units would finish at 6″.  I Needed 16 square/squared units and decided the center squares would be cut from 16 different fabric pulled from the blocks & the side triangles would be the same background fabric used in the blocks.  The 3″ rectangles on either side of the square/squared units would match the border fabric.  The outer borders would finish at 6″ also.  I added a 3″ border outer border to enhance the four square/squared units in the border.

03 dont do this

Don’t do what I did.  I started in the center and stitched the outer square/squared units to the center blocks, (they had to be un-sewed and sewn to the borders pieces). In each of the corners, I stitched a 12″ block to a square/squared unit & stitched a square/squared unit to a 6.5″ square and then stitched it to the block.  The two blocks on either side of the center were stitched to a square/squared unit


This is much better. Now there are 3 rows of blocks in the center ready to be stitched together & the border square/squared units are pieced to the border strips.

Once all the pieces were stitched together I decided I needed to add a 3″ outer border so all the units appear to be floating.

09 quilted

I am so pleased with how it came out!  My finished quilt measures 67″ x 67″.

10 a different view

I can’t wait to start the next quilt with BlockBuster  #10!

BlockBuster #8 54-40 or Fight

BlockBuster # 08 54 – 40 or Fight is a fun & easy block.  It requires Deb Tucker’s  V Block tool.  This block also has four patch units, which you can make by cutting individual squares.  I made my four patch units by using Deb’s Tucker’s new Four Patch Square Up tool.  The cutting chart gives you options for making a 6″, 9″ or 12″ block.  I made a 12″ block.


I chose the 3 fabric colors shown above.

V Block Units


Everything you need to know for making V Block’s is in the tool instructions.  I’m starting with the V Block center triangles, I chose a dark fabric for my star.  For a 12″ block the cut size of my units will be 4 1/2″.  The  Size chart and/or the tool itself tells me that for a 4″ finished unit, I need to cut a 5″ strip.  To cut the center triangles, layer no more than two layers deep.  Fold the ends deep enough to accommodate the slanted cut for a 4″ finished unit and finger press it.

Position the tool on the strip so that the dashed line labeled “Fold Line for Center Triangle” is aligned with the fold and the correct size line of the tool is against the bottom edge of the strip.


Trim along the slanted edge of the tool and unfold to reveal the center triangle pieces.


Move the cut triangles to the side and flip the strip over from top to bottom.  Align the center triangle trim line with the previously trimmed edge and cut your next pair of center triangles.  For this block you need four center triangles.


Place the strips facing each other, either right sides or wrong side together on the cutting mat.  Locate the bold solid line on the tool that reads “Cut Line for Side Triangles”.  Position that line against the trimmed end of the strip and the proper size line against the bottom of the strip.  Trim along the slanted edge of the tool.


To make the next cut, keep the fabric in the same position on the mat and rotate the tool as shown above and cut.  Rotate the tool back to the first position and cut again.  You will need four mirror image sets of side triangles for this block.

Lay out the V Block units, making sure you are lining up the long edge of the side triangles with the edges of the center triangle.  To sew position pieces right sides together lining up the slanted cut edges “tip to tip” and chain stitch one side triangle to each unit.

Press all seams toward the side triangles.

Position the second side triangles and stitch onto each unit as before.

Have you ever tried to sew with a Chihuahua on your lap?  I don’t recommend it.



Press toward the side triangle.  Lay the V Block unit on the cutting mat with “V” pointing toward you.  Lay the tool on the unit aligning the “Finished Size” measurement with the seam lines. Trim up the right side and across the top.  (For left hand cutting directions see tool instructions.)


Lift the tool and rotate the unit. Reposition the tool on top aligning the correct “Cut Size” measurements with the previously trimmed corner and “X” with the sewn seam intersection.  Trim up the right side across the top.


Trim all four V Block units.  Remember for more help, there are free video’s for each of Deb’s tools at Studio 180 Design.

Four Patch Units

I love Deb Tucker’s new Four Patch Square Up tool, because four patch units are easy to make, so I save them for last.  By then I’m tired and my brains have fallen on the floor somewhere.  I know for this block I need four 4″ finished four patch units.  I simply go to the size cutting chart that came with the tool.  I cut one WOF 2 3/4″ strip from each of my two color choices.  Position the strips right sides together and stitch them together along the long edge.  Cut the sewn strips in half crosswise and press toward the darker fabric.  Reverse one half of the strip over the other so each color is opposite the other color.  Nest the seams well.

Sub-cut into units the same size as the width that you cut  the strips.  In this case my strips were 2 3/4″ wide.  Chain stitch down the long side of the layered pair.

Swirl the centers and press.


Locate the desired Finished Size circle on your Four Patch Square Up tool and position this circle over the seam intersection of your four patch unit.  Line up the dashed lines radiating from the center with your seams.  Trim up the right side and across the top.


Lift the tool and rotate the unit.  Realign the finished size circle with the center and the dashed lines with the seams.  Also make sure the outside trimmed edges of the unit are aligned with the solid cut size clean up lines.  Trim up the right side and across the top, and presto you have a beautiful perfectly square Four Patch unit!


Cut a 4 1/2″ center square that matches your star points.  Lay out your V Block and four patch units.

Sew the units into rows and press as shown.  Join the rows, stitch and press away from the center.


Check out the other color options on the supply list.  One more BlockBuster block and I will put together my sampler quilt.