Hollow Cube 60 & January 2023 Zoom Classes

I’m so excited, the Hollow Cube 60 Technique Sheet has been released by Studio 180 Design. The Hollow Cube 60 can be made in 16 sizes using the Star 60 tool and is a great addition to your One Block Wonder’s (OBW’s). These cubes are easy and fun to make.

January 2023 Zoom Classes:

January 7thStar 60:  3 hour class.  Difficulty 2 Stars. This class is an introduction into making the Star 60, which can be made in 17 sizes.  As with all the Star 60 Stars they can be incorporated into your OBW’s.  We will be using the free pattern included with the Star 60 instructions, “Hexstravaganza”

January 14th – Tucker Twinkle:  3 Hour class.  Difficulty 4 Stars.  Learn 3 Star 60 techniques in one class.  This 18: finished block is a combination of 3 Framed 60 units, 3 Checkerboard 60 units, 6 Star 60 units and 12 Half Hexagons. 

January 21st – Hollow Cube 60:  3 hour class.  Difficulty 3 Stars.  Add the illusion that light is shining on your quilt from the direction you choose by adding Hollow Cube 60’s.  These cubes can be made in 16 sizes.  I will help you stay organized.

January 28th – One Block Wonder 1: By the end of class you will feel confident about the OBW process, including:

  • Identifying and cutting your repeats.
  • Aligning repeats including difficult fabrics.
  • Choosing a ruler and understanding the difference between pointed & blunt tip rulers.
  • Deciding what strip widths to cut
  • And, of course cutting all your triangles.

Reserve your spot now: OBW & Star 60 Zoom Classes for 2023 | If These Threads Could Talk !

I have added them to 5 OBW’s so far.

She Who Sewa
Moving Forward
Fkowers in the Mist
Call of the Sea
Cardinals in Winter

17 thoughts on “Hollow Cube 60 & January 2023 Zoom Classes

      1. mhendewerk

        Is this too many questions?


        div>I have never made a one block wonder but I have used the STAR60 tool extensively. How many of your classes do I need to take to be ab


      2. ifthesethreadscouldtalk Post author

        Ask as many questions as you need to. You can use the Star 60 tool to cut your triangles for a OBW or you can use any regular ruler as long as it has two 60 lines. Have you downloaded the supply list for a OBW class, it will answer some of your question.


  1. Linda Goldfarb

    I am interested in taking some zoom classes with you. Can you please tell me your policy for zoom classes? Do you record the class in case there is a storm or electrical issue. Many of the electric companies are doing rolling blackouts and they do not give advanced notice. Thank you, Linda Goldfarb quiltnut726@gmail.com



        HI Jackie. I paid for the Class 3 Star 60 Class Tool class this morning. There was nowhere to indicate which class I wanted. I am trying to do the Hollow Cube 60 class on Jan. 21st. Can you please put me into that class? the transaction # is:59960534CB185980D.
        Thank you


  2. Verna Wheeler

    I took your OBW at Lake Havasu several years ago. My quilt is half sewn together. I can hardly wait to finish it. I can’t believe what you are doing with this technique!! The quilts are just wonderful.!!


  3. daskinner101

    Your finished pieces are beautiful! the ZOOM classes look like fun as well! Unfortunately I am unable to sign up for them at this time. Hopefully, I would like to do one in the spring. Marry Christmas!



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