Wings of Joy, Emerging from the Cocoon – OBW #101

You can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of Josephine Wall panels. I feel so lucky to have found this one.

The name of the panel is Wings of Joy. I added “Emerging from the Cocoon” because I think the design suggests she is emerging with great joy. The panel measures 35″ by 43″.

I cut my strips 3.25″ to yield 5″ finished hexies. With 5″ finished hexies I would fit 8 across the top and bottom of the panel. I will to trim the panel to fit the top and bottom sections. I had to give her a destination, so I using my Star 60 Ruler and my Star 60 Log Cabin Technique Sheet, I added a 15″ log cabin star.

My Star 60 Log Cabin finishes as 15″. I stitched three rows of hexies together above and below each half of the log cabin star, which made it possible to seamless add the 15″ star.

Now, I have the top, right and bottom sections ready.

Above, all four sections have been added to the panel.

After a little tweaking “Wings of Joy, Emerging from the Cocoon” is ready to quilt. She measures 100″ wide by 70″ tall. As always, I use Island Batik fabrics to enhance my OBW’s.

@studio180design @Star60logcabin @IslandBatik

12 thoughts on “Wings of Joy, Emerging from the Cocoon – OBW #101

  1. Sarah Cureton

    OMG! Incredible! So much beauty and artistic work. You are surely blessed. Thank you for sharing dear lady.


  2. Linda K Dombrausky

    Thank you so much for the step-by-step! I’m new to OBW and am learning so much from everyone! You are amazing and this block is…WOW!


  3. Deb Grundman

    Fascinating to hear your process, Jackie. Question – are the hexies made from 6 panels as well? Lovely!



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