I Will Be Your Guide On This Journey

Stitchin Heaven Quilt Shop is excited to announce a new collaboration of a unique BOM program from Deb Tucker (Studio 180 Design), NYT and USA Today best-selling author Marie Bostwick (Between Heaven and Texas, Hope on the Inside, and the Cobbled Court Quilt Series, including A Single Thread), Deb Luttrell (Stitchin’ Heaven), and Jason Yenter (In the Beginning Fabrics). In this 12-month program you will take your own Journeys through an exclusive novella written by Marie Bostwick. Each month you will receive a chapter from the book which is exclusive to this program. It is a page-turning tale of love, loss, and new beginnings for PJ Lloyd, an adventurous young woman who defies her family and risks her future to make a difference after the attack that plunged America into the second World War.

I will be your guide on this “Journey”. Every month I will post a tutorial showing you how to use the tools required for this beautiful quilt and answering your questions.

Throughout the Journeys BOM you will be on your own journey to learn how to use 8 of the tools from Studio 180 Design. Tools include: V Block, Corner Pop, Four-patch Square Up, Tucker Trimmer, Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Square Squared, Wing Clipper, Corner Beam. The final quilt measures 102″ x 102″. A beautiful collection of fabrics have been designed by Jason Yenter of In The Beginning Fabrics, that will make this project an heirloom favorite.

I tested the pattern with fabrics from Deb Tucker’s stash. It is truly a beautiful quilt I can’t wait for you to make your own! The Journey’s BOM program is due to start in September 2020. We will be sure to keep you up to date and informed on all the details.

A conversation with Deb Luttrell, Deb Tucker & Marie Bostwick

19 thoughts on “I Will Be Your Guide On This Journey

  1. Caroline

    Hello, Jackie. I just saw the quilt today, 9/5/22, on Pinterest. Sorry I missed out. Is the pattern available for purchase? I can’t figure out the name of quilt … Journey? Thanks for any follow up. Caroline


  2. Angela Fuller

    I subscribe to your newsletter already. Will I automatically receive these blogs since I am registered for this BOM?
    Thank you for checking with Stitchin Heaven as I had the same question about the September 2020 start time that I registered for.


  3. Connie Makin

    I signed up for this BOM. I thought it was to start in Sept 2020, depending on fabric being printed. I see on the Stitchin Heaven website it now says April 2021. Is this correct? I was so excited to get started.


    1. Connie Makin

      Thank you for replying, I checked the website again and in BOM section it says April 2021, maybe they are having two different start times. I tried to add a screenshot shot but I can’t on this blog.


  4. LaVonne McCaw

    Cannot wait to start Deb’s new BOM Journey! Thank you in advance for all your hard work in making available to “wee Tuckeriees” this awesome adventure. Again, thanks Cathy for being our guide!


  5. Mary Kinsey

    I was working and had to view after the live visit had ended. And then I see that you will be a part of the learning g experience. I’m so excited to participate in this adventure with Deb and Marie. And now to find that If These Threads Could Talk will follow along with your wonderful tutorials for each month is just awesome. I was lucky enough to experience Tucker U through Quilted Owl before they retired their store. They quickly showed me how valuable these tools are in achieving success. Was lucky to meet Deb at Road 2 CA in 2020. It was the last stop my sister and I made and she said I’m not buying anything else. As I went to make my purchase she began to watch Debs demo. Next thing I know she is elbowing me to say why didn’t you bring me here first??! She left with 3 rulers and the technique sheets for each. My much loved LQS may have closed but this BOM will let me continue my Tucker U journey. Can’t wait.



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