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Call of the Sea – OBW #97

My favorite panels to make OBW’s with are by Josephine Wall.

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea panel measured 35″ x 43″. I cut 3.25″ strips which yielded 5″ finished hexies.

I created a barrier reef for my mermaid using Studio 180 Design’s Star 60 tool, along with Quad 60, Framed 60, Capped 60, Checkerboard 60 & Hollow Cube 60 (not yet released) Technique sheets. My Island Batik stash is like having the BIG box of crayons. They are my go-to batiks to add color and interest to my OBW’s and all my quilts.

Call of the sea measures 98″ x 72″.

3rd Quarter 2022 Zoom Classes

It’s already coming up on the 3rd quarter for 2022. Below are scheduled zoom classes I will be teaching. To sign up for classes and download the supply lists click here:

Striped 60:

  • July 2nd – 1:00 PM
  • September 13th – 11:00 AM
  • September 17 – 1:00 PM


  • July 12th 11:00 AM
  • July 16th 1:00 PM
  • September 24th – 1:00 PM

Tucker Twinkle:

  • July 19th – 11:00 AM
  • July 23rd – 1:00 PM
  • September – 27th – 11:00 AM

Checkerboard 60:

  • August 2nd – 11:00 AM

OBW 1: Cut, cut, cut.

  • August 6th – 1:00 PM

Framed 60:

  • August 16th – 11:00 AM


  • August 20 – 1:00 PM

Capped 60:

  • August 23rd – 11:00 AM

Quad 60:

  • August 30th 11:00 AM

OBW 2 – Design:

  • September 3rd – 1:00 PM

To sign up for classes and download the supply lists click here:

Star Chamber

Star Chamber is my design created with the Star 60 tool & Striped 60, Framed 60, Checkerboard 60 Quad 60 & Caped 60 Technique Sheets.  The next Star 60 Basic Zoom Class is scheduled for January 22, 2022, sign up on this site under the OBW & Star 60 Zoom Classes tab.

Studio 180 Design is running an exclusive special through the end of January of 20% off the purchase price of the Star 60 and/or Wedge Star tools. You can purchase the tools at the links below: Use the code OBWwithStudio180 at checkout to get the discount.

Star 60 Collections

Wedge Star Collections

Star Chamber, Measures 57″ x 67″

Star Chamber contains 6″ hexagons, 6″, 12″, 18″ and 24″ stars.

Celestial Journey – OBW # 88

I love Josephine Wall’s art, her fabric panels are glorious. They make spectacular One Block Wonders.

Celestial Journey panel measures 35″ x 43″

These panels must have been either the beginning of the run or the last. The outer edges were off be about 1/2″. I focused on aligning the panels around the unicorn. The outer edges were mostly space so it was not crucial they be perfectly aligned. I cut my strips 3.75″ by WOF.

Celestial Journey, 76″ x 100″

I wanted to give my travelers a destination. I created a nearby galaxy for them consisting of stars created using my Star 60 Tool and 5 technique sheets: Quad 60, Framed 60, Striped 60, Checkerboard 60, Capped 60.

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Misty Jungle OBW #83 with Capped 60 Cubes

I pulled this 2004 Alexander Henry fabric called Misty Jungle from my stash to play with adding Capped 60 cubes to my OBW.

Alexander Henry Misty Jungle

Although the fabric has a 24″ repeat the design elements were about 3 to 4 inches, so I decided to cut my strips 3 1/4″ to make 5″ finished hexagons. Using my Star 60 tool, I cut my equilateral triangles.

Once I designed my hexies to get an almost final design, It’s time to decide about cubes. I am using Deb Tucker’s Capped 60 Techniques Sheet. The Capped 60 Technique Sheet offers cutting instruction for 17 sizes in whole & half inch increments.

Capped 60 Unit

Above is a Capped 60 Unit. The cutting instructions are based on finished units. I cut my triangles for a 5″ finished hexagon, which would mean my individual triangles would measure 3″ unfinished and 2 1/2″ finished.

We begin by choosing 3 fabrics, light, medium and dark values. Where you place the light fabric gives the illusion of light shinning on it. The strips for both the trapezoids and triangles are the same width.

Cutting Trapezoids. I am making 2 1/2″ finished units so I cut 2″ strips and placed the 3 1/2″ Bottom Horizontal Line on the bottom of my strip to cut my trapezoids. Then rotate the Star 60 tool and place the 3 1/2″ line on the top of the strip and continue cutting trapezoids.

Cutting Triangles. Align the mark near the tip of the tool with the top of the strip and the Horizontal Guideline that corresponds to the width of the strip and cut. Rotate the Star 60 tool and continue cutting your triangles.

For each cubed hexagon you will need 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark trapezoids, and 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark triangles.

To make this cube begin by laying out your trapezoids and triangles shown above.

Align one edge of the triangle with the top of the trapezoid, matching the flat edge of the triangle to the top of the trapezoid as shown above.

Once you have laid out your trapezoids and triangles and know what triangles are to be stitched to what trapezoids you can chain stitch and make the process go fast.

Stitch and press seams open. Your unit consists of the Point, Left Side, Right Side and Base.

Trimming the Base. Position the unit so that the base is on the right if right handed or left if left handed. Align the Diamond Point Guideline that corresponds to the finished size of the unit on the seam between the triangle and trapezoid as shown. Trim the base along the side of the ruler.

Trimming the Right and/or Left Side. Locate the Triangle Point Trim Line in the chart for your size. Position the Horizontal Guideline that corresponds to the Triangle Point Trim Line on the seam between the trapezoid and triangle. Trim both sides.

Layout your trimmed units and stitch them into pairs of three as you do your equilateral triangles for the hexagons. Press seams open.

I chose to make Capped 60 Cubes in three color ways. I auditioned them in several places before deciding on the best placement.

Misty Jungle, OBW 83, measures 61″ x 62″

When I cut my strips for the hexagons I had 2 1/2″ left, not enough for the hexies. I decided to cut out smaller triangles to add to a border.

To give the illusion that the hexies are floating I added Half Hexies cut from the border fabric. The instructions for cutting Half Hexagons are located on page 10 of your Star 60 Instructions.

Click here to download Star 60 Instructions: