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I Love New York…. & Sew Much More

I’m getting excited. Next week I head south to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton Virginia.  I will be helping out Deb Tucker at the Studio 180 Design Booth, so please, if you are there stop by and say hello.  I’m sorry I will have to miss my local guild “The Mohawk Valley Quilt Club’s” 35th Anniversary celebration.  Congratulation to a great group of quilters.

I’m test driving my new Nolting quilt frame. It is pretty spectacular.  Having a commercial frame makes my mid-arm work better.  I have dreams of improving my quilt skills immensely.  I bought the frame from Delightful Quilting & Sewing. Joyce and Ron Blowers are Nolting Dealers and drove 3 hours to my house in a snow event and set it up for me. I really liked them a lot!  I need to take some lessons from Joyce.


I usually finish my quilts in the order they are pieced, (just a little OCD) but I wanted to finish “I Love New York” to celebrate the mountains of snow we have, with more on the way.  There is a group on Facebook called “One Block Wonder Quilt Forum”.  Someone asked me how I quilted my hexagon quilts.  I meander mine, not just because that’s all I know how to do, but by going over every seam and center they lay nice and flat.


I was trying to be arty and photograph my quilt out in the snow, but there is so much snow (close to 3 feet in parts of my yard) I had a very difficult time getting a good angle.


So I gave up, scraped off mounds of snow and came inside.


I Don’t Think We are in Kansas Anymore Toto

I am a self proclaimed over the top Wizard of Oz fan and One Block Wonder quilts. I made my first hexagon quilt in 2006.

In 2008 I made “Inside the Twister I” from Wizard of Oz fabric by Quilting Treasures.

01 Inside the Twister 1 2008

In 2010 I made “Inside the Twister II” as a raffle fund raiser for the New York Mills, NY Historical Society.

02 Inside the Twister 2 2010

In 2012 I made “Inside the Twister III” as a raffle quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum.


I made the “Yellow Brick Road with a Twist”  for my Granddaughter Pepper.

04 Yellow Brick Road with a Twist 2010

I have decided to make another one, I have cut the repeats into strips as you can see below.  I wonder if it will come out the same or be completely different?


The blocks are looking very interesting.


Below are some of my Wizard of Oz collection:


#56 Kaleidocally Hexed or OBW

Before you reach for your dictionary, I made that word (kaleidocally) up!  These Kaleidoscope/hexagon quilts are fun and addictive as you can tell by the fact I have now made 56 of them!  This year Grand Central Station in New York City and Union Station in Utica New York celebrated their 100th birthday.  I had wanted to make a quilt to celebrate this fact but was overcome by events.  The year 2014 has been challenging for me to say the least.  Needless to say I found my self facing the last week in 2014 and my goal was to get this quilt top done, and I did – in 4 days.  It is News Years Eve, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I wanted to show you some interior pictures of Union Station in Utica NY. I love this train station.  When I was 12 I left from Union Station and went all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a thrill for me and I have loved trains ever since.
01 Union Station 1

Isn’t the marble gorgeous?

02 Union Station 2

I absolutely love the oak seats.  This is a very active train station.

03 Union Station 3

Below is a fabric from Timeless treasures I chose for this kaleidocally hexed quilt.  It is a city scape of landmarks in New York City.  I will have to make another quilt that represents the rest of New York (which is stunningly beautiful)!


Below is the top I finished in 4 days aptly named “New York – Kaleidocally Hexed”.  I recorded my self making this top and shared the video’s on this blog.


I so look forward to 2015 and pushing on with other quilt projects like Studio 180 Design’s “Northern Neighbors”!  Happy New year everyone and God Bless!

06 Northern Neighbors

The Wild Flowers of Alder Creek

Number 55 top is done.  I will be teaching a 3 part class on making these hexagonal quilts beginning November 8th at Tiger Lily Quilt Company.  I went there yesterday to pick out an inner border.  The colors in this quilt are so wild, Donna Papaleo (the shop owner) suggested I use black Kona and she was right!  It was the only color that would calm down this quilt top.

Wild Flowers

Tiger Lily Quilt Co. is located at 809 Court Street, in the Historic Brewery district, at the Boilermaker finish line in the City of Utica, located in upstate Central New York across the street from FX Matt Brewery.

The Shoppes at the Finish Line building was part of the historic Utica Globe Woolen Mills established in 1847.  Today this building has so much original character, I love this building.

04 Shoppes at the Finish Line

The Shoppes at the Finish Line not only houses the Tiger Lily Quilt Company but also Finish Line Furniture, Utica Brews café, a gift shop, and a Psychic.  The Rome Investigators of the Paranormal visit there often.

06 Brewrey tour

How can you beat a quilt shop across the street from a brewery?

05 Brewery




Number 54

OGeorgia OKeefe OBW

Number 54 is finished.  This hexagon quily was made from fabric by Alexander Henry based on the art of Georgia O’Keefe.  I love this fabric.  This was supposed to be a gift for someone dear, but I am not pleased with my quilting so it will stay in my collection.




06 Original Artwork

Above is the original Georgia O’Keefe art that the fabric is based on.  Next I would like to make a hexagon quilt to commemorate Grand Central Station’s 100th birthday.

Soho Sunflowers at Houston Quilt Festival 2013

I made this hexagon quilt specifically to donate to Quilters Dream Batting for ALS Research. As of this date I have made 52 OBW’s.

This quilt is made from one piece of fabric (not including the inner border).  I bought the fabric from The fabric was called Soho Sunflowers so that is what I named it. The quilt measures 64″ by 84″. I had great fun making it!
Houston Soho Sunflowers

These ladies are members of the “Piece Corps” for the Festival. They are responsible for unpacking each quilt that will hang at Festival. They wear white gloves and literally write down the condition of each quilt that is hanging in the show. They start by writing down how the quilt is folded, then look at the sleeve, then open up carefully and write down if they see threads hanging, the condition of the binding and they literally look at every square inch to see if there are any seams that might have torn or a stitch loose, etc. They write this down for insurance purposes so that when the quilt is returned the recipient will also know if there needs to be any repairs and what condition the quilt arrived in.



The Quilter’s Dream Batting crew had to leave to catch the plane flight before they could get a really good picture of the entire exhibit set up the way it is showing now. There are three tall café tables in front with flyers about the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for everyone to take and hopefully participate. There is also this sign – as all the quilts hanging are for sale. So far we have gifted 3,000 quilts to “PALS” – patients with ALS, and donated over $80,000 to ALS Research through sales of quilts. 100% of the proceeds of quilt sales goes to ALS Research.

THIS YEAR – they changed the Sew Creative Category. It now says:

“Fabric postcards, handbags and accessories, miniature quilts, mug rugs, paintings, placemats, tablerunners, table toppers, wall quilts, watercolors and more. These items will be sold to raise funds for ALS Research. All entries will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 Gift Card.”

Here is the url link to Hopes & Dreams: