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Royal Treasures is here at last!

After three long years of labor, Deb Tucker’s newest book, Hunter’s Star Royal Treasures, has finally arrived!


Royal Treasures is a follow up to Deb Tucker’s Hunter’s Star Hidden Treasures book.  After publishing Hidden Treasures, which focused exclusively on throw sized Hunter Star quilts, Deb began getting requests and questions about bigger, bed-sized projects.  Hunter’s Star Royal Treasures has over 40 brand new quilt designs, all made exclusively with Studio 180 Design’s Large Hunter’s Star Tool.


The quilts in Royal Treasures were created by Deb Tucker and dozens of Certified Instructors, including ME!  With that many different creators there is something for everybody in this book.

Waves of Joy

I am over the moon proud to have my quilt “Waves of Joy” included in Royal Treasures!  Waves of Joy is a King Size quilt made with fabric from V and Co., Simply Colorful II by Moda.  I chose 4 basic colors with varying prints in each color.  But you could choose to use a simple two color format of lights and darks.

Using Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter Star process, you will increase your productivity and decrease your stress.  Each Hunter Star block consists of 2 triangles. 2 trapezoids, plus 4 star points.  It’s all about the color play.

I offer Hunter Star workshops where you will make a “Basic Recipe Wall Quilt” using the Hunter Star tool. When you are done you will understand and have the skills to make any Hunter Star quilt.  Contact me for workshop information or find a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor near you.

What’s Black & White & Read All Over?

Oops, I mean what’s black & white RED all over…why my quilt of course.  Deb Tucker released “Hidden Treasures in 2015.


This fabulous book gives you the opportunity to learn to make Hunter Star quilts like you’ve never seen them before.  There are 36 different patterns in this book. 29 of them make a throw size quilt that requires 8 light and 8 dark fat quarters plus fabric for your inner & outer borders and there are 7 bed runner patterns.


Black & White & Red All Over

I chose to make one made by Sue Tucker called Painted Desert.  You will not believe the variations of Hunter Star that you can make by not sewing together the two triangles that make up the block.  When you take those triangles to the design wall you’ll be amazed at what you can create, and this book shows you how!





Tuck always has to get in the picture.  Hidden Treasures makes throw size quilts using the Rapid Fire Hunter Star Petite Tool by Deb Tucker. Deb is currently working on her second Hunter Star book “Royal Treasures” that uses the Rapid Fire Hunter Star Large tool and will feature Queen & King size quilts. I am fortunate to have one my quilts in that book.

Hunter Stars & Tucker Trimmer

I have been soooo busy making class samples and life in general.  Last weekend I was helping Deb Tucker at her booth for the Genesee Valley Quilt Guild in Rochester, NY.  They sure put on a great quilt show, they had over 600 quilts and great vendors.  I came home and a few days later taught a beginning Hunter Star class at Sew Wilde in New Hartford, NY.


Patriotic Hunter star

Mine is a little scrappy. Students learned how to cut their trapezoids and star points. They also learned the design possibilities when you don’t sew the triangles together.  It was a fun class

Next week we’re breaking out the Tucker Trimmer I and learning to make Rangeley Stars at Tiger Lily Quilt Company in Utica, NY.


Rangeley Wall Hanging

This is such a fun and easy star to make. We start with Quarter Square/Hour Glass Units using our Tucker Trimmers.

Yesterday I finished Solitaire, a Deb Tucker Quilt that utilizes the Tucker Trimmer also.


Tucker Trimmer Units

This block is made up of 1 hour glass unit, 4 half square triangles and 4 combination units all made with the Tucker Trimmer I.


Solitaire Block

When the units are sewn together it becomes the card trick block.



I love the pieced inner border in this quilt.  When making the combination units you create a left and a right unit at the same time.  One set is used in the blocks, the other in the border.



I did have a fabric malfunction.  There are supposed to be cornerstones in the outer border but I cut them wrong and decided to finish it without them.  The fabric I used was Stonehenge from Northcott Fabrics.  It was sunny out so you can’t really see how vibrant the colors are.



Happy quilting, see you around the fire pit!

Ride the Wave with SueNami

I just finished my class sample for the Hunter Star class I’m teaching in January. The pattern is called “SueNami” created by Sue Tucker. Her SueNami won the Blue Ribbon, Viewer’s Choice, and Best Adult Beginner at the 2009 Vermont Quilt Festival.

This is a companion pattern for the Studio 180 Design’s Rapid Fire Hunter Star Petite, Wing Clipper I, and Tucker Trimmer I tools. This quilt measure 68″ by 68″. SueNami is an unusual Hunter Star medallion style layout. It was great fun, but I would say it is not for beginners. It’s not difficult, but you must use your best organizational skills.

The inner border is made from Flying Geese blocks. A flying goose with a large light triangle always follows a flying goose with a large dark triangle. Each large triangle is the same color as the small triangles of the goose following. By doing that, the seam line disappears and it fools the eye into seeing chevrons.

We go to the design wall with triangles so we can arrange them with a good balance of colors. When you are pleased with the layout, you take down 2 triangles at a time and sew them into a square and put them back on the design wall so as not to mess up your design. when all the triangles are sewn into squares and back on the design wall, you begin again to take them down one at a time and square each one up and place back on the design wall. when everyone is square you can sew the blocks into rows and then join the rows. If you don’t have a design wall, a 60″ by 60″ flannel back table cloth will do. That way if you need to put it away you can pin the blocks onto the table cloth and roll it up so you don’t mess up your design.
SueNamie Center

Hunter Star Pattern Play

When I was getting ready for the Studio 180 Design Teacher Certification retreat we had to have a sample made from every tool. I had not used the Hunter Star tool yet, so I chose to make the companion pattern “Star Cross love” designed by Deb Tucker for Marie Bostwick. It only required 25 fat quarters for the blocks and made a 74″ by 92″ quilt. I had a fat quarter bundle of reproduction fabrics I used for mine. I named it “Adirondack Nights”.
Hunter star pattern play
We were also asked to bring to class 16 light hunter square triangles and 16 dark hunter square triangles.
Hunter Star Triangles
By not sewing the triangles together before we go to the design wall we were able to have some pattern play! If you go the Studio 180 Design website (there is a link on my home page). Un der the Gallery tab there is a link to “Basic Recipe Razzle Dazzle”. There you will find many options for 2, 3 and 4 color pattern play. This is so much fun!
The possibilities are almost limitless.