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My last Quilt Class in Virginia

Today I taught my last quilt class in Virginia. In about 6 weeks I will be moving to Upstate NY, Utica to be exact, my hometown. Today we finished up our Doubly Charmed class where we first made the Corner Beam quilt.

Doubly Charmed

We saved our side triangles to use in our V Block quilt.


I want to thank Nancy, Denise, Carol and Karen for a great last class!
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Jennifer Griffin will be taking over the Studio 180 Design Tool Demo classes in Virginia Beach.  She is happily holding up the Diamonds Rects tool.  In her first demo class she will teach you to make a simple Storm at Sea using the Studio 180 Design Diamond Rects and Squared2 rulers.  I know she will do a great job!  Look out NY, get ready for One Block Wonders and Deb Tucker’s spectacular rulers and quilt patterns.


Overcome By Events

Have you ever been overcome by events?  It’s been two weeks since I last checked in with you guys.  I have been busy at work and have been unable to indulge in my passion of quilting.  This week-end I made a tote bag for my fellow Battgirl Neva.  She is a Wizard of Oz enthusiast as am I.  Neva wanted the Wicked Witch on one side.

Overcome by Events

And Dorothy on the other.


I was at a Sew-A-Thon Friday night and Saturday and managed to get my next hexagon quilt blocks sewn together.  This fabric is from the Georgia O’Keefe line by Alexander Henry.  This will be OBW number 54!


I also made a quilt label for my friend Paula.  She made a T-Shirt quilt that will raffled at the 2014 Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach.


Next Sunday I will be teaching the demo class for the Studio 180 Design Corner Beam & V Block tools.  We are getting ready for the Deb Tucker “Double Charmed” class coming up at Sew EZ in Virginia Beach.  Below is the 20″ block we will make to help us get comfortable the tools.  The supply list can be found with the Class Schedule.


Northern Neighbors

Northern Neighbors
This is Deb Tucker’s new pattern she is calling Northern Neighbors. She has not decided how to finish the border yet. But it is stunning! We just had our Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor’s reunion and we got the chance to work on this pattern. Deb hopes to release it in May 2014.  This pattern uses Studio 180 Design Split Rects, Wing Clipper I, Corner Beam.  The diamond in a square block can also be made with Deb’s new tool called “Corner Pop”, more on that new tool later.

Above are some of the instructor’s version of Northern Neighbors.

These are Dan’s blocks. Dan and his wife own “Threads Galore Quilt Shop, in Rangeley Maine.

This is Phyllis’ version using Kansas Troubles.

05 Donna NN
Donna’s are so beautiful using batiks.  I’m working on mine, I am using reds and white.  I’ll share when I get it put together.

Doubly Charmed

Doubly Charmed
Above is Charmed Corner Beam (40″ x 48″).  I Love this pattern. It’s from Studio 180 Design and is called “Doubly Charmed”! You use the same set of 5″ squares for two quilts. You cut the center beams from the squares for the first quilt and then use the cutaway triangles for the side triangles in the second quilt. Two beautiful quilts from one set of squares. Below is Charmed V Block (47″ x 59″).


Above shows the first cut using the Corner Beam ruler.  Position the dashed line against the raw edge of your stacked squares, trim.

Lift and position the ruler and locate the line labeled “Center Beam Trim #2”, trim.

Save the side triangles for the Charmed V Block Quilt.

V Block Center triangle first cut.  Fold the fabric strip deep enough to accommodate the slanted cut for the chosen size unit, trim.

2nd cut.  Move the cut triangles off to the side and flip the strip over and fold the fabric strip deep enough to accommodate the slanted cut, trim.

Per the instructions in the pattern, trim down the side triangles saved from the corner beam quilt and construct your units.  This is a companion pattern for the V Block, Corner Beam, and Squared2 Tools from Studio 180 Design.

You’ve Got to Love Pink!

While I was at Studio 180 Design Teacher Certification, as I was just trying to keep up two other students; Phyllis Fay and Sarah Furrer were busy creating. Below is what they whipped up.
Phyllis and Sarah
What I love about this top other than great technique, is all the different tools they used to create a quilt without using a pattern. When I am giving a presentation on all the Studio 180 Design tools I always show this picture. I am crazy about the outer border. I love the way they used the Split Rects tool. It looks just like they paper pieced it but it was accomplished with a ruler!

You start in the middle of the quilt with the Lemoyne Star and work your way out with each new border. I have also listed the pre-finished sizes or trimmed sizes.

• One 12 ½” Lemoyne Star
• Four 3 ½” shaded 4-patch
• Sixteen 3 ½” little houses
• Eight 3 ½” squares of background fabric
• Fifty-six 3 1/2” combo blocks (which means you have to make 28 Half Square Triangles (HST) blocks first; remembering that they yield a double number of blocks)
• Four 3 ½ “Square/Squared blocks
• Twenty 3 ½ ” X 6″ ½ ” Diamond Rects
• 2 ½ ” border of the background fabric
• Four 4 ½ ” V Blocks
• Four 4 ½ ” Corner Beams
• Eighty 2 ½ ” x 4 ½ ” Split Rects (which means you have to make 40 by using the rights sides together method)

Studio 180 Design Tools Required:
• Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
• Tucker Trimmer I & III
• Diamond Rects
• V-Block
• Corner Beam
• Split Rects

Studio 180 Design Technique Sheets:
• Shaded 4-Patch
• Little Houses

Thanks Phyllis & Sarah for sharing.

Quilt Block Detective

During the Studio 180 Design Teacher certification we participated in a skill building exercise, “Quilt Block Detective”. Various quilt blocks were displayed and we had to identify the units that made up the blocks. It was great fun and very educational. There are many fundamental units that are used to make a variety of quilt blocks. In the book “Pattern Play” by Doreen Speckmann, she introduces us to those basic units.
Quilt Block Detective
I wanted to practice, so I thumbed through the book. It contains fabulous quilts. I chose to investigate “Cross Street Pasture” below.
Doreen uses templates. Studio 180 Design tools can make the same units without templates. I identified Square/Squared, V Block, High/Low Left, High/Low Right, and the Corner Beam.
I decided to make 2″ finished units making it a 10″ finished block. This block could be made bigger by making the units bigger.
I really liked this block.

Homework for Deb Tucker 4 – Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn is a pattern by Deb Tucker at Studio 180 Designs. This pattern is a table runner (19 1/2″ by 41″) or a wall hanging (43″ by 43″). I learned to use the Corner Beam ruler making this table runner. That’s 7 rulers down and 2 to go! I love this leaf block!